More Than a Kiss

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More Than a Kiss

Sand Cover Edition

Ms. Netzel is an author who knows what her readers like reading and she continually comes up with new and exciting characters and storylines to keep us coming back for more. That’s exactly what she achieved in penning this novel. She molded both Sadie Barton and Zach Robinson to be extremely down-to-earth and relatable characters to her readers and in turn, we eagerly invested in getting to know these two as if they were real people in our lives. I loved how Ms. Netzel penned this novel to be a rags to riches theme and she did so in such a realistic fashion the readers walked away believing the situation as if it truly happened to real people. I personally walked away feeling completely satisfied and eagerly looking forward to this author’s next release. This is one author that once you’ve read one of her books, you’re hooked for good. I highly recommend this novel and I know that once you’ve read it, you’ll be looking into more of her stories already available for purchase. This is another satisfying story I think the readers will love!

Book Blurb for More Than a Kiss

When a kiss...

All reporter Sadie Barton wants is to be taken seriously and judged on her own merits, not her stepfather's money. She and her actress sister left Wisconsin to get out from under his controlling thumb and leave behind the malicious whispers that they're no better than their gold-digging mother. But California isn't all sun and fun, and paying the rent while trying to prove herself is harder than she ever imagined. more than a kiss...

Something about Sadie drew self-made millionaire Zach Robinson--and it wasn't just the amazing kiss they shared as impromptu actors in his company's commercial. He's used to women being interested in his wealth, and Sadie's fierce independence is an enticing breath of fresh air. He's falling fast--until his brother suggests acting runs in her family and Sadie might not be exactly what she seems...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 5.00