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Cress - Lunar Chronicles, #3

Cress by Marissa Meyer is the third novel in her Lunar Chronicles, a series that has a legion of devoted fans who adore Marissa’s unique futuristic characters spun from classic fairytales. In this book, instead of being trapped in a tower s...


High Moon - A F.R.E.A.K.S. Squad Investigation, #4

I LOVE, Love this author and the F.R.E.A.K.S series. These books have a unique take on the paranormal that will have you hooked from the first book, only to increase to obsession with the next. Beatrice is a character that grows on you. She...

5 Stars

Far Orbit - Speculative Space Adventures

If you’re looking for a good anthology of science fiction stories, look no further than Far Orbit, which I found to be a really awesome collection of traditional sci-fi stories that was hard to put down. I totally loved reading this book! A...

5 Stars

Holiday Abduction - Alien Abduction, #6

Vhyl. That’s his name, but he’s anything but. Another bluish purple alien come to steal some lucky woman away. Or not. Vhyl is indeed related to the other heroes of this series, but he’s a little more narcissistic than the others are. Don’t...

4 Stars
  • Author: Eve Langlais
  • Review by: Chris
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: Seasonal / Holiday, * Rom: Speculative / PNR
  • Publisher: Eve Langlais

Loves, Myths and Monsters - A Collection of Folk and Urban Myths

Loves, Myths and Monsters is a collection of eerie, suspenseful tales that I recommend. The tales include stories about the Chupracabra, a serial killer family, mermaids, werewolves and many other mystical creatures interacting with humans....

4 Stars

Stolen - Heart of Dread, #2

Stolen started out really well. It has a fast paced start and it was going very well. But, somewhere along the way it got lost. The story took a turn for the worst and just started to drag. I really loved the story. It made me think about t...

3 Stars

Pushed - Sense Thieves

OMG this book was so good! I really wish I would have had book one. I will definitely be grabbing it now! And although I was a little lost to start, I was quickly caught up with the story so far. Remy was a great character! She is well roun...

5 Stars
  • Author: Corrine Jackson
  • Review by: CrossroadReview
  • Genre: Teen
  • Tags: * Supernatural, * SF: Science Fiction
  • Publisher: K-Teen

Once More Upon A Time - A Talaria Press Anthology 2

Talaria Press has put together some beautifully arranged anthologies. In Once More Upon A Time we have a group of authors who have really worked at giving the reader something different. I wasn't sure when I started reading just what I woul...


Mirror Sight - Green Rider, #5

This is an impressive addition to a compelling fantasy series that explores what parameters of progress improve society. Those who are familiar with the series should be aware that this is more a dystopian tale than the straight fantasy tha...


Imperfect Sword - The Lost Stars, #3

This is another fun addition to an imaginative science fiction series and it is remarkable how much is still unfolding on multiple fronts. The author does an admirable job of exploring the permutations of dealing with diametrically opposed...

4 Stars

Solaris Rising 3 - The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction

When picking up an anthology to read, I never know what to expect. I do know there are stories that fall under a theme or fit into a genre, but I never can predict just how far those stories will go to stretch the genre just a bit or take m...

4 Stars

The Lady - Marakand, #2

This cover is so pretty! I kind of want a poster of it! Well I have to say that this one was much better than book one. It was fast paced, with more world building and better characters (both new and old). Where book one gave you characters...

4 Stars

Shifting Shadows - Stories from the World of Mercy Thompson

The Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs is loved by many readers, myself included. When I saw that the author was coming out with an anthology filled with stories from Mercy's world, I wanted to read it as soon as possible! Some of the...

4 Stars
  • Author: Patricia Briggs
  • Review by: Sarah Dizon
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Collections & Anthologies, * Urban Fantasy / Paranormal
  • Publisher: ACE


"Nyctophobia', by Christopher Fowler, is creepy, to say the least, but in a good way. The characters are well-developed and we learn a lot about them throughout the story. Callie, the main character, is easy to identify with. Her lack of co...


The Killer Next Door

Ever wondered about who your neighbor really is? Well, don't look too closely, you may just find out something you wish you never knew. "The Killer Next Door" is a book about the residents of 23 Beulah Grove that will make you say, "What? N...


Things Fall Apart - Supervolcano Trilogy, #3

Colin Ferguson and his wife Kelly. Vanessa Ferguson. Rob Ferguson. Marshall Ferguson. Louise Ferguson ... and Bryce Miller. Survivors, all. How does life go on after the supervolcano eruption? It just does, one day at a time. You do what yo...

5 Stars


Other than the gorgeous purple maze on the cover, I felt a slight kinship to Suspicion. For whatever reason, I recalled a horror movie from my childhood which featured a sinister maze overlooking a creepy hotel. It scared the pants off me a...

  • Author: Alexandra Monir
  • Review by: Emireally
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Horror, Romantic Elements, * Supernatural, * Young Adult, * Susp: Action / Thriller
  • Publisher: Delacorte Press

Valley of Fires - The Conquered Earth, #3

This is the third book, and possibly the last, in A Conquered Earth series. This series has a very complex world and has multiple story lines going on at the same time so it would be best to start this series at the first book to understand...

4 Stars

Kinslayer - The Lotus War Trilogy, #2

Kinslayer for the most part was boring. I nearly didn't make it through book one and well this one was no better. I experienced off the wall names and things that I couldn't pronounce let alone understand what it was. I just ended up having...


The Bloodbound - Bloodbound, #1

This exciting and enthralling tale provides a delicious adventure that centers around a strong, opinionated female, and a war-torn land that features both mystical and pragmatic elements. I loved that the action started immediately and cont...


Sleeping Late On Judgement Day - Bobby Dollar, #3

I love the Bobby Dollar series. He's not your average angel by far. He may fumble and mess up (like everyone else) but he also does what he thinks is right. He's not altruistic by far--he has his own motives but generally he helps others al...

5 Stars
  • Author: Tad Williams
  • Review by: HCHarju
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: * Urban Fantasy / Paranormal
  • Publisher: DAW

Falling Sky

This is a good dystopian novel. Ben Gold is a hardened survivor and is a pilot down to his very marrow. If he's not sailing above the ground, he's not himself. At first he seems selfish and closed off. Willing to do nearly anything to survi...


Endsinger - The Lotus War, #3

Dear Reader, This review is done by a friend of mine as she loved books one and two and I wasn’t able to get into the series myself. *** OMG The author of this one ripped out my heart. This book was an incredibly emotional read that will li...

5 Stars

Captain's Captive - Alien Catch, #1

This book was fun to read. Right from the first page I was drawn into this world where humans mix with aliens. Rhihann is a tough human female who will do what she has to, to get the job done and protect her friend. Her job was going well u...

4 Stars
  • Author: Jayne Ripley
  • Review by: Wild Rayne
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: BDSM, * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Under 45k Words, * Rom: Speculative / PNR
  • Publisher: Etopia Press

Color Song - A Passion Blue Novel, #2

Do you ever get tired of Gender roles? Ever say I want to do this but can’t because of my gender? Well this book can give you the courage you may need to do something about it. Color Song is about one girl whose only wish is to paint and sh...

  • Author: Victoria Strauss
  • Review by: ShaniquaHarris
  • Genre: Teen
  • Tags: * SF: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, * Young Adult
  • Publisher: Skyscape

The City - The City, #1

Ms. Gemmell wrote this book totally on her own and it’s her very first book. I found it to be a good read. There are some things that are somewhat the same as some found in her late husband’s books, but then there are differences. The autho...

4 Stars

Star Wars Episodes I-VI: The Skywalker Saga Poster-A-Page

This book was a big hit at my house. Having two boys this caught my eye and I was not disappointed. It covers events in episodes I-IV. Each page is full color and tells highlights of the stories over the years. There are 9 larger, pull out...


Bastion - The Collegium Chronicles #5, A Valdemar Novel

This fantasy story is part of a series which centers around a well-developed world that features arcane beings known as Companions, which look like horses yet have far more exceptional capabilities, not least of which is their ability to co...

4 Stars

The Sword of Demelza

When Erik and Emma, two young marsupials, befriend an orphaned red fox named Devon, it’s a very odd friendship to say the least. Normally these two different animals would be enemies, but because of the devastation caused by the evil king,...

5 Stars

Battle for the Blood - Latter-Day Olympians, #4

There is one word that comes to mind when I think about this novel: explosive. Let me also say that it was explosive in all the best ways. Battle for the Blood is the 4th book in author Lucienne Diver’s outstanding Latter Day Olympian’s ser...


The Leopard - Marakand, #1

Well The Leopard started out OK with goddesses and a woman searching for an assassin. What is with all the spy and assassin books I've been reading? I really loved this world. Being Pagan I devour almost anything that deals with old religio...

3 Stars

Rebel Nation - Nation, #2

Rebel Nation is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Ok so when I grabbed this I was an idiot and didn't know that it was a book two. So I tracked down a copy of book one and read that as well. Then I devoured book two! O look at the cute puppy on the cover, ha...

5 Stars

The Tears of the Rose - The Twelve Kingdoms, #2

This book is a series redeemer! OK. For me book one was a train wreck. If you follow my site you will know what I'm talking about. The first half of the book oozes nothing but teen YA vibes, then you get to the other half and BOOM it’s all...

5 Stars


So after the first two chapters I started to get really scared. I’ve had issues with books that are over like 2 POVs and this has 5! But that was fine. Each character had their own very distinct voice. So it didn't mess the story up and it...

5 Stars

PathFinder - TodHunter Moon, #1 / World of Septimus Heap

There comes a time when you read a series (like The Selection by Keira Cass & Harry Potter) and then that series ends and your life is over. When the last book came out of Septimus Heap, I read it. I think I was in a dark place for a little...

5 Stars

Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between - Rhiannon's Law, #1

There's a lot to like about this novel.  The characters are all, without any reservation, unique and interesting people.  I had my doubts about a couple of them, the words 'too good to be true' flashed through my head, but all in...


The Future Falls - Enchantment Emporium, #3

This inventive series combines sly humor, creative twists on elements of fantasy and plenty of earthy allusions. The wide variety of beings which interact, both on a intimate basis and on a more global scale, give rise to both humorous and...

4 Stars

Life Behind the Wall - Candy Bombers, Beetle Bunker, and Smuggler's Treasure

Have you ever wanted to know how it felt to be a teenager growing up in Berlin…after Hitler killed himself? What about during the time when the wall was just built? Or even when it finally opened the borders to everyone? If so I recommend y...


The Fire Prince - The Cursed Kingdoms, #2

The author did a wonderful job with this second book of The Cursed Kingdoms series. I have to say that although I didn’t read book one I didn’t feel too lost. I have since went back and read book one and although that gave me some much need...

5 Stars

Demons in My Driveway - A Monster Haven Story, #5

This is such a fun series with each book building in the previous so it would be best if you start at the beginning and read in order. However, you may still enjoy just reading this one but it may not always make sense to you. This book is...

5 Stars

Crewel - Crewel World, #1

Crewel by Gennifer Albin is the first of three books published in this series. There are a lot of paranormal YA stories out there and to find a unique world is rare so I consider this book a real gem. The story is set in a place called Arra...


The Curse of the Thrax - Bloodsword Trilogy, #1

I did not finish this story due to the fact that it has some major problems including the world the author created for this story. Sadly it was such a mess it made it difficult to follow the storyline. The characters’ names themselves were...


Dumah's Demons - AngelFire Chronicles, #1.5

Having read both books 1 and 2 of the Angelfire series by author Ami Blackwelder, I knew Dumah’s Demons would be a perfect complement to the series. I was not disappointed in the least. This novella tells the story of Dumah, Kian’s troubled...

4 Stars

The Winter Long - An October Daye Novel, #8

Toby Daye is about to get her world turned upside in this eighth installment in the October Daye series. Ms. McGuire is a master storyteller that will keep you coming back for more! In ROSEMARY AND RUE October was changed into a fish by Sim...



Frostbitten is a well written paranormal story of a young girl who has had it rough. Enter a good looking male lead who just so happens to have a small secret. Well maybe not so small. He's a werewolf. Ms. Beck has done a great job of creat...

4 Stars

Incarnate - A Spellmason Chronicle, #3

I did not read this series in order. I just received the third and final installment. I must say that this series would be best if read in order…like I should have done! I missed a lot of back story and character growth. That being said, I...


The Ghosts of Watt O'Hugh - Watt O'Hugh, #1

Do you believe in Ghosts? One person does and his name is Watt O'Hugh the third. If you join him in his adventures you might just believe in ghosts too. The Ghost of Watt O'Hugh is the biography of a dying man and his wish to leave you with...


Watt O'Hugh Underground - Watt O'Hugh, #2

Our Wild West hero is back. Did you miss him? I know I did. This is the second book in what is turning out to be a potentially good series. I would like to thank the author, Steven S. Drachmann, for providing me a great read. I hope I do it...


Bride Games - An Alien's Bride Story

Bride Games is an exciting and surprisingly thoughtful story set in the same world as Alien Bride. This is good solid scifi complete with strange cultures and evil aliens. Lenora is a survivor who refuses to accept life as it is now. She is...

5 Stars
  • Author: Yamila Abraham
  • Review by: Emma
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * Under 45k Words, * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Rom: Speculative / PNR
  • Publisher: Yaoi Press

Ready Player One

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is the perfect novel for those who are nostalgic for the 1980’s, even as readers are transported to the year 2044, where most of the world prefers to spend their days in a virtual reality searching for a hid...

4 Stars

There are 2,099 results matching your search criteria.