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Living for the Act

Living for the Act, Part 1
The novel “Living For The Act”, is billed as a Spicy Romance/SciFi/Fantasy Romance/BDSM novel, it is all of these and more. While there are many BDSM practices throughout the novel, as a reader I would categorize it as an exploration into an alternate world within an alternate universe. The use of BDSM as one aspect of the Raskayen’s society, allowed this reviewer to wonder... “What the world would be like if the leaders of our world were women”, Living for the Act provides a glimpse into possibilities...
Living for the act presented an extensive look into the rebuilding, re- shaping and reconstruction of a society after a catastrophic war that ultimately include the use of bio-hazardous weapons. In the aftermath of the devastation, the remaining inhabitants, mostly females, rebelled against the old leaders, the male populous, and rebuilt their world ruled by a female contingency of leaders, Clans. Like any society each clan struggles with choices and consequences sometime to the point of sacrificing happiness or its people for the greater good or pride and jealousy.
The clan society of Raskayen’s is in many was similar to the fabled Amazonian society and the 1974 film "Planet Earth" starring John Saxon. In both of these instances the world as we know it is ruled and controlled by the female population and the male populous are considered second class citizens to be used as appropriate. Males of breeding and worth are coveted, while those of lesser quality are used to maintain the foundation of the society’s clans.
The in-depth character developments, the vividly described facilities along with the complexities of the Raskayen’s clan society as a whole allows the reader to enter and explore the psychological aspects of a society struggling to survive and prosper.
The novel’s natural progression is facilitated by its use of confrontations between those of authority and the rebel factions, the male populous’ interaction with each other, the desperations of those who seek to provide stability and the unseen treacheries that occur; All of which provide thought provoking pivotal occurrences within the novel.
I enjoyed the numerous sublevels of the Raskayen’s society from the clan leaders to the males of lesser worth. As the novel progress, from a reader’s standpoint, it becomes clear that be it the male or the female that rules there will always be deceit, jealousy, cruelty and mistrust.
The author of “Living For The Act Part 1” has presented an elaborately depicted alternative society ruled by women which I found to be extremely compelling and enjoyable. I can’t wait to start Living For The Act Part 2.

Book Blurb for Living for the Act

Genre: BDSM, Sci-Fi, Romance
Pages: 302
Flame Rating: 4 Flames
The women of Raskayen need men for breeding purposes only--could love complicate their plans?
On the verge of extinction after a long war, the women of Raskayen take the only chance to enlarge their population--they capture men from other worlds to use them in closed facilities. Restricted by rules, men are only for mating, not for love and the clan chiefs watch their groups of fertile males closely. But when it comes to love, not even leaders can predict the outcome for their society. And there are men who want more than spending their lives as objects of lust.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.50