Branches of Emrys Book 1

As much as I love a good paranormal story I must confess that I had major difficulty in believing the realism of the plot of “Sleepwalker.” My dilemma with the story laid within the fact that this book was just too much paranormal for my taste. I love a good, romantic paranormal thriller but this story was just weirdly odd.

Before I continue to move forward with the flaws of the story I do want to be fair and state that this story did have a few positives-like the writing. The actual descriptive writing of the book was very good. I could feel the character’s emotions with ease and the writing as one of the reasons that I decided to finish this book. Another plus was the romance. Together, the characters were going to find a way to be together regardless of the obstacles that threatened to tear them apart forever. Lastly, I might not have been a fan of the plot but I do have to give the author some credit for originality as I have not read a story of this origin before.

Now for the flaws or at least the main fault of this story-the paranormal theme. I wished the unearthly tone would have been shortened or at least not have been so heavy. In my opinion the unnatural overloaded the romance and caused it to suffer. I would have liked to have seen more romance.

This story was not horrible nor was it a bad read either but since I was not a fan of the story I wouldn’t recommend it.

Book Blurb for Sleepwalker

He haunted her dreams.

Savon Roantree loved and lost the man she planned to marry. Nathan Taggert disappeared, taking her heart with him and her world fell apart. His father refused to tell her what happened to Nate. Broken-hearted she left, planning to never return to Silvertail Ridge and tried to move on.

After a bad break-up, she finally gives in to her brother’s pleas to move back home. She never expected Nate was living next door once more.

Nothing changed for Nate, not when it came to Savon.

A tragic accident tore them apart. By the time he recovered, she was gone. When his father threatened to kill Savon if he ever went to her, he did the only thing he could—followed in her dreams. No matter how hard he tried to reach her, she always ran. She even ignored his best friend, her own brother.

Twelve years later, he finally has a chance to right all the wrongs—if she’ll listen.

Silvertail Ridge has changed since they were kids. Both families have been pulled into an ancient battle.

Together they may stand a chance.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2017 3.00