A Lady's Guide to Ruin

A Birch Hall Romance, #1

Kathleen Kimmel introduces readers to one of my favorite Regency heroes in this lovely historical. Martin Hargrove, Earl of Fenbrook won my heart the moment he took his distracted cousin Daphne into his home and under his wing. His love and genuine affection for his family and the fact that he didn’t want to be the title holder endeared him to me. I had a hard time making a connection with Joan because I felt horrible about the fact she was lying to Martin. Her strong personality, kind heart and intelligence did win me over. And I did enjoy how swiftly she was able to switch personalities. The fact she truly is such a different heroine makes for a fascinating aspect all on its own but when you add in all the elements of this story it was an adventure I couldn’t put down. I enjoyed getting glimpses of life outside the Ton and how some people had to live. I would love to see Martin’s sister get her own story, she was such an engaging character and almost stole the show a few times. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys strong characters and solid stories.

When mental hospital escapee Joan Price finds herself mistaken for the Earl of Fenbrook’s cousin Daphne it is the answer to her prayers. Falsely imprisoned in the mental hospital, thief Joan knows she needs to get out of the city and hide from her former partners. Playing companion to the Earl’s sister seems like a wonderful solution until she fears the Earl will steal her heart.

Book Blurb for A Lady's Guide to Ruin

A romantic debut starring a reluctant earl and the beautiful thief who has put them both in danger—and stolen his heart... 

Joan Price is a wanted woman. A thief and a fugitive from the mental hospital where she was falsely committed, she’s now on the run from her former partners in crime. But luck must be on her side—just when it seems all is doomed, she runs straight into the arms of Martin Hargrove, Earl of Fenbrook, who mistakes her for his distant cousin, Daphne. 

Lord Fenbrook has no intention of marrying, and certainly doesn't consider his notoriously scatterbrained cousin a prospect. But her flighty persona seems to hide something far more intriguing—a secret self she trusts with no one. And Martin is determined to earn that trust…

When Martin’s sister discovers Joan’s charade, they strike a bargain: Joan can remain within the safe walls of Birch Hall, as long as she doesn’t allow Martin to fall in love with her—for their flirtation would surely ruin them both. She’s convinced she poses no threat to his heart, but she’s beginning to realize that her heart may be the one in danger. Especially as he seems very set on seducing her...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.00