Haunted by Your Soul

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Haunted by Your Soul

Triquetra Series, Book 2

Marguerite Labbe gives us new insight into the hierarchy of the vampire world. She is a bright and talented author bringing light to her characters and having them dance off the page with every word. Haunted by Your Soul was a delightful read.
Jacob Corvin misses his lover Kristair desperately since he was tormented and murdered by the syndicate. He is not totally alone however because Kristair is still with him. All his memories and part of his soul were transferred to him before his death. Jacob will hear Kristair talk to him and feel Kristair’s heart beat in his chest.
But his friend Tony has now come back after being gone for so long and Jacob is now being dragged into a vampire war. Jacob is worried and wonders if Tony can be trusted. The Syndicate is after something and Tony knows what it is.
Kristair is protective of Jacob and reveals some things to him that upset him and make him want the Syndicate pay all the more. Kristair himself has an ultimate goal and will stop at nothing to achieve it.
Tony, Jacob and two of their friends allied with Ussier the head vampire in the region to make a plan to hit the Syndicate and rid them of their counsel once and for all.
Will Kristair achieve his goal? Will they take down the Syndicate counsel? What is going to happen after the Counsel is taken down?

Book Blurb for Haunted by Your Soul

m/m, paranormal
Page Count: 306
Heartbroken by the death of his vampire lover, Jacob Corvin finds himself embroiled in the intricacies of vampire hierarchy. He is consumed with rage after Kristair's torment and death, and when The Syndicate returns he is more than ready to personally destroy every one of the power-hungry vampires.
That anger and pain cannot be soothed, because before he disappeared, Kristair transferred all his memories and a piece of his soul to Jacob. So as hard as Jacob tries to move on— he can't. Kristair's heart still beats in his chest, and Kristair's memories whisper to him.
As he gets dragged further into a war between the vampires, Jacob starts to believe he's losing his mind. Those whispers and a feeling of Kristair's presence are growing within him, and he starts a desperate struggle to retain his own sense of self and sanity. But Kristair is not so easily silenced when he's determined to return to where he belongs.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.50