• On Mar 20, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    Congratulations, ladies!!! :) Have fun reading it!

  • On Mar 20, 2012, Jo said:

    Oh WOW! I never thought I'd actually win THIS particular contest! LOL

    Congrats to Stacie, the other winner!!

  • On Mar 20, 2012, Tammie - Night Owl Reviews said:

    The winners are: willowbug@ and geishasmom73@

  • On Mar 19, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    Too funny, Jo! Hope you love the cats too!!! I'd love to give you a cat for your birthday! :)

  • On Mar 19, 2012, Jo said:

    Omg I would be on her 'have to buy her a new car for Christmas' list forever if you could do THAT! LOL

    While I really love the Wolves, I'm more of a Cat person myself....thinking I'm gonna be hooked on your jaguar series too. (and I'd LOVE a 'big cat' for my's in January......LOL J/K)

  • On Mar 17, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    LOL, Jo! I'm thrilled that you're loving the series and that your BFF loved her birthday wishes. Now, if I could only send her a wolf for her birthday, she'd have it made! :)

  • On Mar 17, 2012, Jo said:


    My bff is such a sweetheart, I told her you said happy birthday, and she was like 'NO WAY?!' She's trying to decide which is the better present- you wishing her a happy b-day or your book! LOL

  • On Mar 17, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    Di, I so agree!

    Jo, thanks so much!!! I couldn't be more excited and still floating on Cloud 9. Think I'll stay there awhile. Well, after I finish edits on Savage Hunger! :) And get the newsletter out! And...oh, how sweet of your bff for getting you hooked on the series! :) Wish her a happy birthday for me! :)

  • On Mar 17, 2012, Jo said:

    I think I'll enter the contest after all, lol since my bff who first got me hooked on your books by giving me Seduced By the Wolf for an early birthday present, is having her birthday soon.... I'll repay her by getting her this book! Even if I don't win the contest, lol


  • On Mar 17, 2012, Jo said:


    Best of luck to all who entered the contest!!

  • On Mar 17, 2012, Di said:

    SEAL + Wolf = interesting concept!


  • On Mar 16, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    Too funny, Julianne!!! He'd want to also!!!

    A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing made the USA TODAY'S BEST SELLER LIST yesterday!!!!!!!

  • On Mar 16, 2012, rebecca said:

    Oh, I totally agree. Military man + wolf = totally sexy combination! Absolutely cannot wait to read!


  • On Mar 16, 2012, Anonymous said:

    i love your wolf series and cant get enough!!thanks

  • On Mar 16, 2012, Jo said:

    Sourcebooks cover artists ROCK!

  • On Mar 15, 2012, Patti P said:

    Yummy I want to read this!


  • On Mar 15, 2012, Julianne said:

    I sooooo want this book. The cover is sooo smokin' HAWT!! Finn can guard me anytime he wants. :)


  • On Mar 15, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    You're so welcome, Barbara! I aim to please!

    Stacy, I'm thrilled you're loving the books!!! Thanks so much! :)

  • On Mar 15, 2012, Dragon Momma said:

    Alpha wolf...alpha male...alpha SEAL... *shivers* How can one NOT want to read this???? I am so looking forward to this book. I have loved all your books that I have read. Keep writing, please!!

    dragn_lady@ yah.....

  • On Mar 15, 2012, Krysykat said:

    A werewolf and a SEAL, yes please!


  • On Mar 15, 2012, Barbara said:

    I LOVE a strong alpha male...and a Seal trained wolf fits that description perfectly! And I have to agree...that's one HAWT/SMEXY cover!! ;) Thx for the giveaway op!

    barbbattaglia @

  • On Mar 15, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    librarypat, I like that--to the next level! :)

  • On Mar 15, 2012, librarypat said:

    What could be better than a well trained, honorable military man? One who is also a shifter. His wolf adds that extra element that brings the story to the next level.


  • On Mar 15, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    Everyone needs an alpha SEAL to call their own! Truly, Liz!!! Thanks so much for loving the series!

  • On Mar 15, 2012, Liz S. said:

    I love this series! Looking forward to an alpha SEAL!


  • On Mar 15, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    Thanks so much, Laurie! I'm ecstatic that you're loving the wolves!!! As you can probably tell, I LOVE writing them!!!

    Ley, oh, yes, I so! As long as they have plenty of STAMINA... :)

  • On Mar 14, 2012, ~Ley said:

    Oh, that list just made me laugh. Clearly the ideal man! But then working men are.... *sighs* Yup. Okay, I believe ya!


  • On Mar 14, 2012, Laurie said:

    Love your books Terry! So for others who haven't read them yet, DO!


  • On Mar 14, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    LOL, Elf! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. It'll get better when we have our full staff again. We've got only half and ten times the volume of work, so it's overwhelming!

    Thanks, Donnas!

  • On Mar 14, 2012, donnas said:

    Yes, yes it does. Sounds like a great book. Looking forward to it.


  • On Mar 14, 2012, Elf2060 said:

    I'm not stalking you, really, just waving. Hope things get better at the library and yes of course, combining a hot SEAL and an alpha wolf makes quite a steamy and intriguing combination! (don't enter me into the giveaway)

  • On Mar 12, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    Thanks, Tracey, glad you enjoyed them! Hope you love Finn and Meara's story too!

  • On Mar 12, 2012, booklover0226 said:

    I've read some of Terry Spear's works and really enjoyed them. I look forward in reading A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing.


  • On Mar 12, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    Thanks, Ina! Hope you have a chance to read it! :)

  • On Mar 12, 2012, Inacreus said:

    Thank a lot Terry 4 recommended to me. I remember tht i've read bout SEAL b4. Yeaa..its a Suzanne Brockmann books. I forgot how many series, but i love it.

    How great if i can read the mixed of military/SEAL n werewolf

  • On Mar 12, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    Stacie, thanks so much!!! I hope you love it!!! :) I think they're good for each other, but they're not buying it!

  • On Mar 12, 2012, StacieD said:

    I love shifters and I love military heroes. Mixing the two together makes me a very happy girl. I can't wait to read your new release, Terry!


  • On Mar 11, 2012, Terry Spear said:


    Storms are wreaking havoc with my Internet and electricity today! I need a wolf to curl up with!

  • On Mar 11, 2012, Anonymous said:

    Yummy! Sounds really good.


  • On Mar 10, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    Oh absolutely, Colleen, and working on more! :) The cover is absolutely extraordinary. I've told the art dept how much everyone has loved Finn's abs! :) They're...kissable. :)

  • On Mar 10, 2012, Colleen said:

    Yippee! Another sexy wolf from you for us to enjoy! Love love love that cover! I truly want to see what his life is like, him being a wolf and in the military...


  • On Mar 10, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    LOL, Susan, go for it! I did have a reference to a hot chili oven mitt....maybe you could borrow it when Finn's done using it. :)

    Yeah, I soooo agree, Books4me!

  • On Mar 10, 2012, books4me said:

    A Navy Seal, a werewolf and a strong woman?? How can this book NOT be a good read??!


  • On Mar 09, 2012, susan said:

    A Navy Seal and an alpha that is a combo that can not be beat. I hope the pages don't burn when this book is sure could be hot enough. I would love to win one of these books and I have the gloves ready to wear so I don't burn my fingers holding the book. ha susan Leech garysue@

  • On Mar 09, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    Thanks, Linda! I purposefully do that because I'm invariably picking up books out of order. So I like to make them single title as much as possible!! Thanks for loving them!!!

  • On Mar 09, 2012, hotcha12 said:



  • On Mar 09, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    Oooh, Ina, I like that name! How cool that you're from Indonesia! Besides my own? I love Karen Monings books and Jayne Ann Krentz also!

  • On Mar 09, 2012, Inacreus said:

    Just call me Ina, Terry, im from indonesia.

    Yeaaa i've to read them. I'll start with ur book. Or maybe u can recommended some titles 4 me to read? If u dont mind. N my big thank to u Terry

  • On Mar 09, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    I so agree, rinadarymayanti! Hope you get a chance to read about him and the other SEALs in the story! Can't have just one!

  • On Mar 09, 2012, Inacreus said:

    I like tht! A military n a werewolf man are an unique combination. I never read something like tht before. I think it would be more surprise tht i can find in your book. Hahaha... Great, cant wait to read it. By the way, i think a military man more than just hotter as a hero, i always like them. U know, wearing tht uniform make them hot. But when u put a werewolf to combine it with a military man, i really2 dont have any idea wht kind of joy tht i could get from the story. A great idea


  • On Mar 09, 2012, Carol L. said:

    Hi Terry,

    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  • On Mar 09, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    Yadkny, they're real, really! LOL! Lethal, now that's a good term for them!!! :) Thanks for dropping by and drooling! :)

    Crazycatlady! You will have to check into the hot jaguar shifters coming out in October too if you're into cats! They're BIG cats! :) Savage Hunger is the first title. Hope you love the wolves!

  • On Mar 09, 2012, crazycatlady58 said:

    I am not familiar with your books, but I will be checking them out this weekend! I have no idea how I missed your series so far but it is my kind of story. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • On Mar 09, 2012, *yadkny* said:

    I absolutely believe that merging the alpha wolf with a military man makes the werewolf even hotter! I mean separately both types of men are lethal enough to the libido, but together that's just downright deadly:) If they were real I would be all over that:)


  • On Mar 09, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    Oh yeah, Tes, I might even LOVE running then!!! :) Thanks! Hope you have a chance to read the story!

  • On Mar 09, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    Hi, Alicia!!! Just got home from the vampire shift at the library!!!

    msmjb, thanks about the cover...I told the cover artists how much everyone has loved the cover...more abs, more abs, more...well, they get the picture. Hunk of burning love! Yum! :)

  • On Mar 09, 2012, Tes said:

    I have always been fascinated by the special forces and I love a man in uniform. Combining a SEAL with the cunning nature of a wolf--love it even more!!! I'd go running with him anytime!

  • On Mar 09, 2012, msmjb65 said:

    Oh, yeah. An Alpha wolf in a SEAL uniform? Double trouble in my book. And the cover is scorching! Congrats on the book and thanks for the giveaway.


  • On Mar 09, 2012, Jo said:

    Where was this guy when I was without power for like 5 days, and had a bit of a snow storm too? LOL We really have been lucky so far, and have only had about a quarter of the snow we normally get, so I'm not really complaining (Honest! You know how the 'powers that be', dump a ton of snow on ya after you say those famous final words,lol, just trying to do a little CY...Aumm rear?, LOL)

    I pre-ordered A Seal in Wolf's Clothing, so I'm not going to enter the giveaway, just wanted to stop by and drool...err I mean say Congrats on the new book Terry! But yeah, the cover is yuuuuummmy too! LOL

  • On Mar 09, 2012, Heatherc said:

    A SEAL that turns into a wolf! That very new to and I'm super excited to see how that works out and to read about Finn's story. Love your books Terry :)

  • On Mar 09, 2012, lisagkendall said:

    Oh my, yes, I definitely think the merge will up the hotness factor exponentially. yum and thank you for the contest. lisagk@

  • On Mar 09, 2012, Pat said:

    that sound so neat


  • On Mar 09, 2012, wanda f said:

    Sounds fantastic .Your wolves are amazing Terry and I love each book more than the last gonna pick this one up soon as payday rolls around :)

  • On Mar 08, 2012, Barbara E. said:

    I definitely think merging the alpha wolf with a military man makes the werewolf even hotter. I love SEALS as well as your wolves, so I know this is going to be a fantastic story.


  • On Mar 08, 2012, bn100 said:

    Great post and cover! The book sounds very good.


  • On Mar 08, 2012, MaryC said:

    Gorgeous cover! Two of my favories - wolf shifter and SEAL - what's not to love!

    grjade at

  • On Mar 08, 2012, Alicia said:

    Yummy Yum Yum! I love the cover, then again I love all of your covers! I can't wait to read this book! I love wolf shifters and SEALs! This should be good.


  • On Mar 08, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    Thanks, Linda!!! I love your tag, hotcha12! I have to say one of the SEALs would snatch you right up! LOL :) Thanks!

  • On Mar 08, 2012, hotcha12 said:



  • On Mar 08, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    I so agree, Joanne! Hope you love Finn & Meara's story!

  • On Mar 08, 2012, Joanne said:

    The perfect union, an Alpha male and a SEAL. Perfect for and in every way. Can't wait to read this new release.


  • On Mar 08, 2012, Terry Spear said:

    LOL, Donna, you're too funny! :) Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  • On Mar 08, 2012, diva donna said:

    Awesome!! The combination of Seal, and Alpha Wolf, is perfectly lethal to my mind, and my body. I'm sure they can burn the cover off the SPAM can and then eat it too!! Thanks for the fun review. dmf747

  • On Mar 08, 2012, Donna said:

    Fabulous! What a great idea to combine a SEAL with an Alpha Wolf, and yes, I think it will make everything hotter! I much prefer muscles on a man from working either with his job or spending time with a hobby in the great outdoors, rather than only body building at a gym on a man who never gets outside to do anything.