• On Sep 20, 2015, SandyH said: midwest

    early part of the century, middle america.

  • On Sep 20, 2015, hotone said: The Old West

    I would love to go back to the Old West, where men were men & women were women & indians were out there too.

    Thanks, for the chance to win Drifter.

  • On Sep 19, 2015, LiaL said: 1960's

    I would go back to 1959 to see the sixties hit the US

  • On Sep 19, 2015, shorty said: back in time

    I would love to go back in time to the wild wild west.

  • On Sep 19, 2015, Hotcha said: The Drifter

    I would go back to the 1970's

  • On Sep 18, 2015, mamamorr said: Back in time

    America 1800's

  • On Sep 18, 2015, Virginiaw said: The drifter

    I would go back and travel the Oregon trail. I would like to see if I had the nerve to do it.

  • On Sep 17, 2015, Debskm said: Back in Time

    I would love to live back in the wild west, although a really tough time for people. They were strong and persevered.

  • On Sep 10, 2015, Diane Elizabeth said: Time Travel

    I'd go back to the 1920's, be a flapper and hang out with my grandma.

  • On Sep 08, 2015, Christina Riggs said: Christina Riggs

    I would like anywhere between the 1700's and the 1800's

  • On Sep 07, 2015, sunshinehdfan said: win

    I'd love to go back to the 1950s.

  • On Sep 07, 2015, hotone said: The Drifter book giveaway

    Anna, the best days were the days of the Old West where people had to carve a life out for themselves, white or indian. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • On Sep 05, 2015, JeanMP said: Time Travel

    The Wild West or the Regency Period in England

  • On Sep 04, 2015, greenshamrock said: Time travel

    I would visit the Wild West, Regency England and Pagan Ireland.

  • On Sep 04, 2015, bncandg said: re:

    maybe 1800s England

  • On Sep 03, 2015, Nancydl said: Back in time

    I'd go back to the 1940's to meet my grandmother who died when I was 2. I've heard a lot about her.

  • On Sep 03, 2015, lizeasternD said: Travel Back in Time

    I'd love to check out the flapper gals!

  • On Sep 03, 2015, katsrus said: The Drifter

    I go back to Victorian times. Sounds like a good book. Love the cover.

  • On Sep 03, 2015, Nanze said: Time Travel

    Depends on what I've been reading. Too many interesting time periods to choose, Love this author.

  • On Sep 03, 2015, macti said: If I could travel back in time?

    I would go back in time to the wild west, love horses and ranches.

  • On Sep 03, 2015, Mikkii said: Time Travel

    It's so hard to choose just one time but I might choose 1600's Scottish Highlands because that sort of thing has always appealed to me, it would be that or the industrial revolution to try make steampunk happen

  • On Sep 03, 2015, Glenda said: Time Travel?

    I'd hate to have to chose only one time and place. I'd need a time machine to be able to spend time everywhere (and everywhen) but still be able to escape back to modern conveniences. :-)

  • On Sep 03, 2015, CandyLyn said: 1800's

    Do you know something I don't? Lol I would love to see how things were back then and hope that I was kidnapped by some sexy brave.

  • On Sep 03, 2015, JackieW said: The West

    I would go back to the opening of The West

  • On Sep 03, 2015, Mberbeza said: American Revolution

    If I could go back to any time period, I would choose the period around the American Revolution. It is one of my favorite to study.

  • On Sep 03, 2015, ghpierson said: Anna Schmidt Giveaway

    I would go to the Scottish Highland's during the 1700. Thank you for your giveaway and a chance to win. The book really looks interesting.

  • On Sep 03, 2015, Lori Meehan said: Highlands

    I'd want to go back in time to the wild highlands.

  • On Sep 03, 2015, catedid said: Giveaway

    I have always loved reading about the Wild West. I look forward to reading this story.

  • On Sep 03, 2015, Dina said: travel

    the wild west would be an interesting time to go back to

  • On Sep 03, 2015, jonellamoore said: Love this era

    id really enjoy reading this book!

  • On Sep 03, 2015, SteelerGirl said: Back in Time

    It would have to be the West. I love the idea of the wagon trains & cowboys.

  • On Sep 03, 2015, SandyH said: would stay in the US...

    but the timeframe? that's a tough one. the 60s i guess -- women had more rights then than earlier, lots of changes were happening (yeah, I've lived thru them once but i was young!)

  • On Sep 03, 2015, kime said: Queen Victoria

    I would like o go back to the Victorian era just so I could see history unfold!!

  • On Sep 03, 2015, DianeS said: I'd go back to the early 1900's

    I'd love to observe my grandparents as young adults

  • On Sep 02, 2015, okbarbie said: Back in time

    I'd love the Victorian era...not sure how long I'd last there but I'd like to go and visit!!!

  • On Sep 02, 2015, JLessard said: Giveaway: The Drifter by Anna Schmidt - 5 Copies

    I would go back to the Wild Wild West like Wyoming or Montana before cars, planes and all the technology we have today.

  • On Sep 02, 2015, Sherryann said: The Drifter-

    I would love to be an adult in the 50s. I love the music, actors & actresses & I lust after Elvis.

  • On Sep 02, 2015, Jillianleighsk said: Such a Tough Decision!!

    I love the 1940s! The music, the style.... But the romance of 1700 scottish romance novels!! Although, lack of medicine and clean bodies makes anything prior to the 20th century not so appealing, hahaha!!!!

  • On Sep 02, 2015, lasvegasnan said: Time

    I would like to go back to the Victorian age.

  • On Sep 02, 2015, thereadingrebel said: Thanks for the giveaway.

    Regency England(Jane Austen's time) or Edwardian England(Downton Abbey time).

  • On Sep 01, 2015, momofsteele said: Tough choice

    Well, I can't pick just one. I really like when the Americas were just getting settled, and the westward movement with Indian raids and what not. But I also love the Regency and Victorian eras in England! Also a big fan of the Scotts in the late 1700s.

  • On Aug 29, 2015, gincam said: My favorite era in history is the mid to late 1800's.

    I feel as though I could set my birth date back 100 years and not lose my stride. So much occurred during a relatively short period of time. Changes to technology, transportation, communications, social mores, religion, fashions, science and medicine, literature, art and entertainment. The American Civil War and its long-lasting aftereffects. The glory and grit of the American Old West. A very rich and revolutionary period in history.

  • On Aug 29, 2015, gincam said: terrific new author for my reading list...

    thanks for a great giveaway...

  • On Aug 27, 2015, Carol L said: The Drifter

    To the Sottish Highlands during the 1700's, as long as I could come back. :) The Drifter sounds like a read I'd enjoy.

    Carol L

  • On Aug 26, 2015, Bmhy said: The Drifter

    The Drifter sounds like a very interesting book. In answer to your question, if I could go back in time, I would like to visit Regency England.

  • On Aug 26, 2015, Texas Book Lover said: The Drifter by Anna Schmidt

    This is a new author for sounds really great.