Beyond the Reef

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Beyond the Reef

Tony Kaven has been hired to be the PA to actor Rufus Roscoe. He arrives on set ready to work and deal with the spoiled star. When he gets to the shooting location, it’s to find everyone placing bets on how long it’ll be before Rufus the jerk fires him. It’s also in the middle of a ceremony asking Madame Pele if they can shoot a scene on her volcano. Madame Pele’s answer is bolts of lightning and a downpour of rain. While trying to escape the rain, Tony stumbles onto a couple of the crew in a compromising position. While standing in the rain Tony makes a wish “Send me love”. The ancients send Frank.
Before Tony can keep Frank though, he has to fight some battles. And they are battles he must fight on his own. Growing a backbone is one of them. Letting go of the past is another. And having faith is the last.
Mr. Llewellyn challenges the reader to have faith in love. He challenges you to have the faith to not know where you’re going, but going anyway. I found this work wonderfully full of all kinds of common issues people face when trying to find love. Sometimes you have to stop looking for it and just have faith that it’s there. Something that Mr. Llewellyn makes abundantly clear with this work. This is also extremely witty and well thought out and I found myself laughing out loud through most of the first couple of chapters. Then I found myself needing a fan and some ice water.
Tony and Frank find their way through the rain to find their rainbows. And you will too reading this fantastic work.
Special Notes: This work contains explicit scenes of hot male/male sexual interaction and should be read only by those who find it hot and steamy and those over 18.

Book Blurb for Beyond the Reef

Wannabe actor Tony Kaven’s career hasn’t just stalled. It’s in reverse, so he jumps at the chance of being a personal assistant to mercurial movie star Rufus Roscoe on location in Maui, Hawaii. Tony wants to do well, except that from the moment he arrives, everything goes wrong. Roscoe hates everything about him, even his shoes.
It looks like he’s about to get canned when a mysterious man named Frank shows up naked in Tony’s shower and tells him he is the man of his dreams. His true love.

Who is this guy?  And how is that when Frank is around, everything has a way of going right? Tony finds that love means taking a leap of faith, but he finds more than that…it also means rolling with the punches, but leading with your heart.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.75