Shipwreck Bay

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Shipwreck Bay

Dragan and Marek are having problems. The biggest problem is that Merek had an affair. Marek tries to repair their relationship by taking Dragan on a cruise. What happens on that cruise is Dragan’s every fantasy fulfilled. But is it enough to save their relationship?
This short story by AJ Llewellyn is as hot and steamy as they get. The characters are well defined and you can feel Dragan’s pain at the betrayal of the man he was going to marry. Mr. Llewellyn’s portrayal of Dragan’s anger and Marek’s regret strikes a chord anyone can identify with. And the exceptionally hot love scenes will have you wishing it was you having every fantasy fulfilled. The only question I had when reading this wonderful tale was “could I forgive my man for cheating, if he fulfilled all my fantasies?” I don’t know if it would work as well for me as it did for Dragan. But the wonderful thing about this book and the well told story is that everything worked out by the end. Just the way I like it.
Special Notes: This book contains graphic descriptions of very hot and very steamy man love and is NOT for those who have a problem with that.

Book Blurb for Shipwreck Bay

Dragan and his lover Marek are taking one last shot at love. Taking a Cruise through the GreekIoanianIslands in an effort to revive their once hot relationship, Marek is deeply hurt by Marek’s recent online infidelity. He isn’t sure he even wants to be with Marek anymore, let alone be stuck on a boat in the middle of nowhere.

Just as he starts to relax and enjoy the timeless beauty of the island of Zakynthos and Marek begins to convince him of his remorse, the two men are abducted by pirates on an isolated white-gold sandy cove called ShipwreckBay.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00