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Adam Blackwood is a young man the first time he sees Evangeline and he is immediately besotted. She's married and not the type of woman who would be open to an extra marital affair. When his father dies, to gain his share of his inheritance he has to return a portrait of a nude to the model. Imagine his shock at finding that the model in all her naked glory is the lovely Evangeline. At first Adam is angry, she has always been dismissive of his interest, and then to go to his father's bed after refusing his! It is the perfect chance to blackmail her into his bed, and Adam is not the kind of man to waste the opportunity of a lifetime.

Evangeline has never had the chance to wed for love, but with Adam's indecent proposal she has the chance to do something for herself, reveling in her long denied sensuality with a man who can really appreciate her. She's been repressed for too long and as a widow she can only hope to enjoy this interlude before deciding which of her dull suitors will become her next husband. In the restrictive society they live in the two have found kindred spirits in each other, but will they recognize this fact or continue to live their unfulfilled lives. There is a multitude of charm and humor in this historical romance, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Book Blurb for Engraved

When Adam Blackwood first lays eyes on the woman of his lusty fantasies, he’s a young man with too much arrogance and not enough self-control. She rejects his clumsy advances and deeply wounds his pride. Six years later the wound remains, but other things have changed. He’s grown up. She’s widowed and alone. And this time, she wants something from him.

Evangeline always knew Adam was dangerous. He aroused emotions and desires she’d learned to suppress. But now he’s back with a proposition and a secret from her past. A little blackmail is hardly a gentlemanly method of getting her into bed, but what else can she expect from a Blackwood?

Perhaps, for just one night, she’ll give him what he wants and indulge her own secret passion. Providing they never see one another again, what harm can it do?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.75