Relentless Passion

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Relentless Passion

I have to admit that AJ Llewellyn’s books are an automatic buy for me. His fast-paced storylines and the amazing chemistry between his heroes make his stories very appealing and so much fun to read. So, when I noticed that Relentless Passion was up to be read and reviewed, I immediately jumped at the chance to do it, and I’m so glad I did. It was everything I’ve come to expect in an AJ Llewellyn book and more.

Twins, Alex and Zeca are polar opposites. Alex is often self-centered and selfish, and Zeca is responsible and often goes out of his way to please others. Both men work for their father at his Café, and even though Alex often pushes much of his responsibility off to Zeca, he still basically enjoys his job because of the atmosphere and the customers that come into the café. Lately, Zeca has had the feeling that he’s been missing out on something. He watches his brother enjoying his life and can’t help but be envious of him, especially now that Alex has a very handsome boyfriend, Antonio.

Antonio is everything Zeca has wanted in a man and more, so when Alex approaches Zeca to go on a date with Antonio so Alex can go out with someone else, Zeca’s first instinct is to say no. When they were children they switched places a few times and Zeca isn’t thrilled about doing again as an adult. But, between Alex’s pleading and his own desire to be around Antonio, Zeca reluctantly agrees. What Zeca isn’t prepared for is the deep attraction and deep emotional connection he has with Antonio and the hurt he feels with Antonio calls him by his brother’s name. Will Zeca be able to come clean about his deception and will Antonio ever forgive him?

I loved this book! I have to admit that any book that is written about twins fascinates me, so I’m really a sucker for the ol’ switcheroo plot. Even though I’ve read this plot before, Mr. Llewellyn’s creative storytelling ability and captivating heroes make Relentless Passion a fresh and unique read. Both Antonio and Zeca are very likeable and realistically written men. I found them both very sexy and I was more than thrilled at the way the story ended. If you are looking for a funny, fast-paced, a little bittersweet and erotic read then Relentless Passion is definitely the book for you!

AJ Llewellyn has a very informative and interesting website. Here is the link if you are interested in checking it out:

Book Blurb for Relentless Passion

Twins Alex and Zeca love to switch identities. It’s harmless fun until Alex wants to date a hot tourist visiting their home of Capri, and asks Zeca to take his place on a date with Alex’s current beau, Antonio. After a day in Antonio’s arms—followed by a long, lusty weekend in his bed during a trip to Naples—Zeca discovers switching places with Alex isn’t so harmless after all. Especially when he realizes he’s falling hard for his brother’s boyfriend.

While struggling with his feelings for Antonio, consoling his semi-celebrity father (who’s having woman troubles) and trying not to upset Alex (who might be in love with Antonio…or his tourist tryst…or maybe the neighbor lady), Zeca wonders how any of them will make it through all the relationship woes with hearts intact.

As Antonio says, “Love has a way of fixing things itself.” 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.50