Ma Ma Loa

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Ma Ma Loa

Fantasy Games, Romance, m/m, Gay Romance, Vampire, Paranormal, Fantasy

Div and Tem are back in another amazing story. It is Valentine’s Day and Tem’s past is rearing its ugly head. Todah took his wife and child away and said they are not allowed to come visit without permission. Riddled with jealousy he is having a problem believing that Div is really his and is not going to go anyway. Div agrees to getting Tem’s name tattooed onto his chest, yet Tem cannot handle anyone else touching Div’s chest. Dinner at their favorite restaurant, a trip to Chinatown. Div has a very special day to remember planned for their Valentine’s Day. 
I have read that AJ Llewellyn loves Hawaii, it is evident in the stories that he writes. Ma Ma Loa is the second story by him that I have read, and with each passing book I like his writings more and more. Although a short story, it hits the heart strings and makes you want to cry. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Ma Ma Loa

Waikiki vampire Jimmy Thunder is excited to finally have his cherished mate Tem all to himself. With their family members gone and this being Valentine’s Day, he has one thing on his mind. Some hot undead, man on man action…except Jimmy’s life is never that simple.
Tem is being troubled by bad dreams of the life he has left behind and Jimmy, the go-to guy for Waikiki’s undead denizens is required to come up with a new Ma Ma Loa…but who or what is a Ma Ma Loa? Can’t a guy be left in piece to enjoy love’s most famous day?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.75