Vampire Christmas

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Vampire Christmas

Gay, Romance, M/M, Vampire, Fantasy, Paranormal

Temeura and Divine Thunder are spending their first Christmas together as a married couple. It is also Tem’s first Christmas as a vampire.   They have only been married 3 months, that is how long it has also been since they stopped being porn stars. Now Tem’s parents are coming for Christmas and they are going to have a large get together. But it seems that Santa has left them an interesting present on their doorstep this year. A baby demon/vampire. When they go searching for answers to why the baby is this way, things start to really get strange. Can love really conquer all and make everything right again?
AJ Llewellyn has written an amazing story about what can happen when you have love and are willing to do what it takes to keep what you want. Set in beautiful Hawaii, the ability to make the landscape come to life in your mind is nothing short of breath taking. The characters will grab at you and hold on tight. I hope you enjoy A Vampire Christmas as much as I did.
AJ Llewellyn is definitely being added to my “I GOT TO HAVE THIS” list and a permanent keep on my laptop not to mention it will have a home on my new E-book reader. I am just hoping that somewhere there are stories about these handsome men and how they ended up together not mentioning the lovely ladies in this family also.

Book Blurb for Vampire Christmas

Waikiki vampires Tem and Jimmy Thunder are happily undead and married, about to celebrate Christmas when their cat Moontime brings an unusual treasure to the door…a baby in a box. But this is no cute, cuddly kid. It’s a demon baby with red eyes and razor sharp teeth. Jimmy, hopelessly besotted with his hot and sexy husband, sees his new life of man-on-man fun being wrecked by this snarling, spitting, forked-tongued little incubus that has apparently won Tem’s heart.
With half of Waikiki’s wacky residents coming to Christmas dinner, what’s a devoted husband to do? Jimmy calls in all kinds of favors to figure out who the kid is, how he got here…and how to ensure this will be a merry, not marred Vampire Christmas.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 5.00