No Dogs Allowed

A 1 Night Stand Story

If you’re not familiar with the 1Night Stand series, as I was, it’s a collection of stories all by different authors that have a few things in common: 1Night Stand is the dating service, Madame is the sassy Frenchwoman owner of the service, and the story can only span the one night. Oh, and the stories have to be steamy. Kenya is our ladylove for this installment. She is in Las Vegas for a short relaxing vacation and makes a one-night date with the mysterious Raphael.

Kenya’s got a cheeky disposition and an allergy to animals. She sure is the cat’s meow. Coincidentally, shifters exist in this realm and they’re not the werewolves or were panthers of other stories, but basically domestic cats and dogs. This aspect of the story made the short story all the more intriguing, and added humor where I expected none. The witty repertoire between Kenya and Raphael had me giggling in one place, and fanning myself in another. Their interactions are so playful; they both came off as puppies themselves. This story has opened my eyes to the 1Night Stand series, and I will definitely be on the lookout to read more.

Book Blurb for No Dogs Allowed

Kenya is a cat on a mission. Go to her job interview in fabulous Las Vegas and manage to wrangle in a vacation. Shouldn’t be too hard to do in Sin City. She hadn’t counted on a hotel full of dogs giving her sneezing fits anytime she leaves her room. How can she get in relaxation, or even meet a guy when every one she encounters brings on an allergy attack?

Desperate and blotchy, she decides to try 1Night Stand. Maybe Madame Eve can set her up with a man who will knock her socks off before she knocks him off his feet? Or at least one she can date without taking a Benadryl.

Kenya finds herself blown away, in a different way, by handsome, charming, explosively sexy Raphael. But they are worse than apples and oranges—they are cat and dog, a huge problem any day of the week, even if she wasn’t allergic to his type!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00