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Wholesale Husband

Clarissa Burdick needs a husband to keep control of her family's store. What she doesn't need is a man who wants to take over her business. Her father's will dictates that she doesn't inherit the store unless she's twenty-five or married. Clarissa is twenty-four and has just dumped a cheating fianc‚. Her uncle controls the business and is bleeding it dry. It's NYC in 1888 and finding a man who won't take her company away and will also marry her quickly is a daunting job. She turns to Irish immigrant, Devin Flannery. She figures Devin isn't educated enough to run the business but is strong enough to protect her from her Uncle's thugs. But Devin has secrets of his own and Clarissa doesn't count on her growing feelings for Devin or the Blizzard of '88.

This is an utterly charming story and that's not a word I use often. The characters are captivating and the setting authentic. There's a real feel for 1888's NYC. The difficulties of the immigrants are clearly shown as is the snobbery of the upper class. The interactions between Clarissa and Devin are laced with unexpressed desire. They are both proud and strong people. With preconceived notions on both sides, their worlds tend to collide rather than mesh. The plot is fast-paced and engaging. Add bad guys, a history making blizzard and sizzling sexual attraction and you end up with an incredibly enjoyable read. If historical fiction is your thing, then this story is a 'must-read'.

Book Blurb for Wholesale Husband

She needs his name. He needs her money. But can a rich New York socialite and a poor Irish immigrant find true love in the gilded age?

Betrayed by her fiancé and heart sick over her father’s death, Clarissa Burdick is further devastated when she learns she can’t inherit her father’s company—the company she loves—until she’s twenty-five or married. And Clarissa is neither. So she sets out to find a husband strong enough to protect her from her uncle’s thugs, too uneducated to run the company himself, and poor enough to marry a woman in name only. But Irish immigrant Devin Flannery is smarter than he seems and more educated than Clarissa expects. Her Wholesale Husband soon proves a greater risk to her heart than her company.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 5.00