Sinfully Ever After

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Sinfully Ever After

Book Club Belles Society, #2

This book is one of those fabulous, wintertime reads that just makes you want to curl up in your favorite reading spot and become lost in the unfolding pages of one of the best historical novels of the year.

When I first saw this book listed for review I read the summary, debated quietly over whether or not the book was right for me and then I skipped over it. A few days later the book was back and I gave in and selected it for review. I'm happy that I did. I think what makes this book such a grand read is the fact that it varies from previous historical novels that I have been reading this year. It's always a great thing when a book can stand on its own without the need for suggestion of similar authors of the genre.

Fresina created a novel that blossomed into a romantic and humorous love story. I love a good romance and that was exactly what I was given between Luke and Becky. Their love story is the kind of romance that I look for whenever I am reading a romantic-themed book.

A few flaws that stood out to me about this book was the secondary characters that make up the Book Club Belle's Society as their interfering overshadowed certain parts of the book. Another flaw was the need to bring a Jane Austen reference into the book. I’ve never been a fan of Austen's and while I would not have minded this tiny detail if all historical authors were not suddenly putting the work of Austen into their novels. It’s just overdone.

Still, Sinfully Ever After is a book that I not only enjoyed but was able to fall in love with. It is well written and this book contains something in it for almost all readers. The sensual scenes are tamed and reflect the tone of the book. So if you are a reader that hesitates because of explicit content there is no need here.

I think I am going to take a hint from Becky and request that my book club read Sinfully Ever After. Who knows maybe we can find our own Luke's along the way!

Book Blurb for Sinfully Ever After

Teaching scandalous young men a lesson? This is not your typical book club

To Rebecca Sherringham, all men are open books-read quickly and forgotten. Perhaps she's just too practical for love. The last thing she needs is another bore around-especially one that's supposed to be dead.

Captain Lucius "Luke" Wainwright turns up a decade after disappearing without a trace. He's on a mission to claim his birthright and he's not going away again until he gets it. But Becky and the ladies of the village Book Club Belles Society won't let this rogue get away with his sins. He'll soon find that certain young ladies are accustomed to dealing with villains.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.50