Chasing Shadows

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Chasing Shadows

A Psychic Justice Novel, #1

It has been years since he has seen her. He thought she was dead. She just left with no note, no goodbye and no reason. Now she comes back talking about a kidnapping that will occur. She is a psychic, used to be a friend, used to be a lover and her name is Juliana. Alex never forgot about her so it is a shock to see her out of the blue. He is ready now for answers to questions he never asked. The thing is just when he thinks he has time a family crisis occurs. Someone wants to make his sister pay with heartache and pain. He doesn't know who it is but only knows that Juliana is the key to the investigation. Not only does she have the power to find the kidnapper but also to enchant him again with her heart. Can Alex survive another heartache and pain in his life?

Juliana Westwood to her father is a freak. She holds the Westwood curse as he told her many times. Locked up and drugged up she suppressed her powers. Now years later as an adult they are coming in full force giving her visions and for the first time actually feeling the kidnapper. Only one person made her feel safe and protected and that is Alex. Years ago she lost him because of what she heard in his mind only to come back into her life in a shocking way. She knows Alex doesn't trust her but she is the only one who can lead him to the kidnapper. The thing is can she also survive another twelve years without Alex and his love?

Oh my god I loved this book and it never faltered from its action and suspense. Each chapter pulls you into Juliana's world. Here is a woman who just wants to live normal but has a unique power in her. She thinks it is a curse but she will find that it is a blessing when it is needed. I loved that the author wrote in Alex's painful breakup. In a way he was determined to keep loving her even though he didn't know if she was still alive or not. The story line not only kept my attention but each chapter was suspenseful trying to find out what the kidnapper was going to do and how Juliana wiould deal with it. Great book and can't wait for more from Erin Richards.

Book Blurb for Chasing Shadows

One kiss, one touch, one night. It's all she wants to last her forever.

Psychic Juliana Westwood returns home after twelve years and foresees a young girl's abduction. Not only does she risk her life delving into the mind of a dangerous kidnapper, she risks her heart assisting the lead detective and child's uncle...the man she was forced to leave behind. Juliana knows Alex doesn't trust her, but can she endure another twelve years without him?

He deadened his heart against loss. Her return changed everything.

Alex MacKenzie's wary of reconnecting with the woman who broke his heart, but he knows Juliana can save his niece. As they race against time chasing clues, Alex realizes he'll fight to give Juliana a lifetime of forevers...if the kidnapper doesn't destroy her first.

CHASING SHADOWS was previously published by Ellora's Cave Publishing (Blush Imprint). This new edition has been editorially revised and updated.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00