Wyoming Solace

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Wyoming Solace

Mary Elise Vickerson is on the run. On the run from an abusive husband and will do everything she can to keep her freedom. Going back to Wyoming was her safe haven. The childhood home she has never forgotten. Only thing though is that going back is not all it used to be. Her home has been sold to a fellow rancher. Not just any rancher but one that brings out feelings from Elise that she never felt before even from her ex-husband. Something about Cody Campbell is making her feel like a woman for the first time. One minute he says he wants nothing from her but then he kisses her with so much passion she has no idea what to do with him.

Cody Campbell is a known as a hard worker and will do anything he can to get his ranch running. He never expected on meeting Elise again. He knew her as the spoiled daughter of a neighbor but never thought she would be back to Wyoming. Cody always thought of her as a girl who has people always doing things for her. Seeing her again he was ready for that same spoiled girl not a beautiful woman with enough passion in her to entice him. He knows she wants her childhood home but Cody has other plans for her old home and none that involve her. Can he go on with his deal or will he loose the only love he has ever found…one that could change his whole life?

Elise Vickerson is definitely a woman with a lot of back-bone. She is not your usual cowering damsel in distress. Though she has suffered a lot she is ready for anything that comes her way now. Cody is definitely a man she wants but is afraid to feel for him. With just one major mistake in her life she is now on the run from a monster. Will they make it our alive?

Alana Coca did a beautiful job on bringing out the emotion in her characters and in me. You will feel Elise’s heartache in certain chapters. Cody is a hero after my own heart. He is definitely your cowboy - One to protect you. I just loved it!

Book Blurb for Wyoming Solace

Forbidden love is the sweetest temptation…

Elise Vickerson waited a long time to gather the courage to flee her abusive marriage. To stay beyond his reach permanently, though, will take money. Getting it will take months of backbreaking labor to resurrect then sell her inherited Wyoming ranch.

With her future hanging in the balance, and her bruises still fresh, Elise will never again play doormat for any man. Except a cowboy from the neighboring spread has a way of firing her imagination—and her temper.

The news of Elise’s arrival sends Cody Campbell tearing through his files for the proof that the Vickerson ranch belongs to him. He’ll have to cool his boot heels until his father returns with the papers, but at least the view is fine—the beautiful, prickly Elise ignites a desire that’s hard to resist.

Elise tries her best to ignore her handsome neighbor, but his kisses, his arms make her feel something she hasn’t felt in a long time. Safe. As long as the specter of her past lurks in every shadow, though, security—and any hope for a future with Cody—can never be hers.

Warning: This book contains a feisty woman on the run, a tough-as-nails cowboy who wants to wrangle her, and a villain who won’t give up.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50