Defending Allye

Mountain Mercenaries Book 1

Susan Stocker sets up a fine adventure with this romantic suspense. Allye Martin and Gray Rogers are far from your typical leading couple. After all they’ve met under the most intense and unusual circumstances. I believe I fell in love with Allye the moment I met her. Her strength of character, her humour and her history just all pulled me in and I adored her. As a person who rolls my eyes much more than the average person, I loved the trait in this leading lady. She was practically a superhero and yet so very authentic. It was no wonder she impressed Gray and his teammate.

I loved that there were no secrets with Gray. He opened up to Allye instantly and shared details we normal don’t get to see from strong Alpha men like him. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. At times this story wrecked me, terrified me and overall I loved it. Allye and Gray are two of the strongest characters I’ve ever met and their situation one of the most terrifying. I loved how the author kept up the action and adrenaline while still conveying so much heart. I cannot recommend this story highly enough. With reading this book the author has been firmly placed on my must-read list.

About "Defending Allye": Allye Martin is like no other woman Gray Martin has ever met before and it’s a shame that some crazy feels the same way. After rescuing Allye from being sold into a human trafficking ring Gray knows she isn’t safe yet. He isn’t willing to let her out of his site but when her coworkers start disappearing she can’t remain hidden. Can they stop a crazy man and make a future for themselves?

Book Blurb for Defending Allye

Love is a life-and-death risk for the Mountain Mercenaries in New York Times bestselling author Susan Stoker’s explosive series of alpha heroes, hot action, and hard passion…

Ever since his rescue op off the Pacific Coast, Mountain Mercenary Gray Rogers hasn’t been able to forget his latest “job”—Allye Martin. Any other woman would have panicked during a rescue, but the wily dancer kept her cool—even after being kidnapped by an elusive human trafficker. And Gray couldn’t be happier when a grateful Allye follows him home to Colorado Springs…

For Allye, finding sanctuary in the arms—and bed—of the former Navy SEAL is only temporary. People are disappearing off the streets of San Francisco, victims of the same underground trade that targeted her, and Allye could be the key to dismantling the entire operation. She’s willing to do anything to bring them down. Gray isn’t—for good reason. But you don’t say no to a tough girl like Allye who refuses to play it safe.

Now Gray is risking more than ever before. The Mountain Mercenaries have his back. But is it enough to keep the woman he loves out of harm’s way?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2018 5.00