Love Potions

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Love Potions

First Line:

Marion waved black smoke away from her face, muttering a string of swear words under her breath. The scent of cloves stung her nose. Rose petals, flames curling their edges, littered the floor like confetti from hell. This was her fourth attempt to get this love potion right, and, no matter how she varied the ingredients, it still blew up in her face.


But then he became aware of the woman next to him dancing like she was possessed, and, once he caught sight of her, he was riveted. Not by her beauty, for her loose hair hid her face. Nor was it her figure that captured his attention for her floor-length skirt topped with a too-big, long-sleeved shirt made it impossible to determine if she was of good form or not. No, it wasn't her physical appearance at all that demanded his attention, it was the frantic desperation of her movements that called to him.


Love Potions is a sweet and sexy paranormal romance that was fun to read. Given it's novella length I was able to enjoy it in one sitting while dinner simmered. Within the hundred pages of Love Potions I experienced Marion's strong fear and desperation; both of which were bottled up inside of her for so long. Living with the fear of never trusting or finding love, she tries to use magic to regain what she has lost due to an attack from a man Marion thought she could trust. Left physically and emotionally scared, this story is about her journey back to finding love and learning to trust once again. But hold on, there is no somber story here that will pull a sad tear from you. Not even close! In fact, I found myself laughing and smiling throughout so much of the story. There were highs and lows giving the book good balance, ending on a note that left me happy for Marion and of course her hero, Aidan.

I did at times, find the pacing choppy due to so many 'he said' 'she said' tags and head turnings, but I still have to say the progression of the story moved along with no dull moments. Also, there was a little confusion as to the rules of the paranormal world created for this story. I was really unsure as to how humans related to the supernatural creatures.


Ms. McCleod's writing is very vivid and absolutely pops with every emotion a person experiences in life and then some more. Her characters become new friends you want to cheer for and she also writes with a good eye for detail. While her stories provide good entertainment, with a little time this author will surpass the good writing she offers readers and move into becoming a great author many will seek out.


At first, Marion, a human studying to become a witch, came off as a child. She behaved and reacted as a child would when forced into something they didn't want to do. Because of this it took me a good two chapters to get into the story. Once I learned her past I grasped the whys behind her attitude. Although I don't think I would ever throw myself in a chair and almost fall backwards just because I didn't want to do something. As the story progressed she became more of a solid character for me and behaved as a heroine I wanted to root for should. When Aidan, elf and Guard to the Queen, moves into the picture, I found his presence the balance to the story. His demeanor and take command attitude is what Marion needed to help her past her own hurdles. He also had enough swagger and sex appeal to help add fire to the sexy scenes.

Last Thoughts:

Love Potions is my first book by Michelle McCleod. I really enjoyed the love story between Marion and Aidan and the strong theme of finding ones own inner strength while learning to trust. Ms. McCleod brought the story to life with a good plot and story telling almost every lover of paranormal romance will enjoy!

Book Blurb for Love Potions

An incompetent witch, a cursed elf, and the wizard who wants to kill them.

Witch-in-training, Marion, is about to flunk her Potions class because of a serious case of 'love block'. If her love potions keep exploding like stink bombs, she won't graduate to the magical defense classes she really wants to take. A problem because her ex-boyfriend is out of prison and wants to pick up where they left off...with his hands around her throat.

When Marion learns she'll never make a love potion if she doesn't fall in love, she takes a risk on Aidan, a handsome, charming elf...cursed to break her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.75