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Entangled is one of those stories that you pick up and read until you finish, and finish you will. Entangled is number one a great story of boy meets girl, boy is attracted to girl, boy and girl end up together through some weird circumstances, boy and girl end up happily ever after. Number two, it's HOT, HOT, HOT. I believe this is considered an erotic novel, but think it's more a really hot romance. The sexual tension was immediate and I really enjoyed how the story was structured. I also really love the big bad protector types, and stubborn, independent women, and you can find both in this story.

I am a huge fan of couples that are perfect for each other being thrown together in a commitment and learning to love one another and this was one of those stories. Sometimes I might complain how immediate their minds change, and while the timing was pretty immediate in this story I really liked how you can see the progression of their connection because most of the story takes place in the span of two days. Two days was all it takes.

This was also my first cowboyish novel, usually I read historical/Victorian, but after this book I will definitely be picking up more of these. I can't reiterate how much I enjoyed reading it, not just for the steamy scenes, but the love felt totally true and made my heart swell. I will definitely be reading more from this author in the future. I think she has more written about the Blackwell brothers, though I think none of them can beat Luke.

Book Blurb for Entangled

Daisy Wellfleet needs a husband if she means to keep control of her grandfather’s hotel. Lawrence Bailey, wounded in a mine explosion, needs somewhere to recuperate. For a marriage of convenience he sounds entirely suitable.

But the man who shows up, three days late, is not what she expected from his letters. He’s too healthy, too handsome, and generally just too much of everything. Now Daisy can only wish Lawrence Bailey would stop distracting her, before she falls in love— the last thing a fiercely independent woman needs.

And Lawrence Bailey has a secret. He’s just not himself. He’s not Lawrence Bailey at all, but Luke Blackwood. If only he could untangle everything, start at the beginning again. If only she’d let him get a word in edgeways, because falling in love is the last thing a sensible, solitary man needs.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 5.00