My Favorite Husband

AJ Llewellyn brings in Div and Tem to a hot and sexy mystery. The characters are sizzling and full of life making you want to jump right into the book with them.
Divine Thunder and his husband Temeura are up to their ears in problems. Div’s car has been stolen and they can’t seem to find it to get it back. If that wasn’t enough, they have just now returned from Hell, yes the real Hell and must get their house back in order. There are antiques to be restored that were damaged when their home was attacked.
They have hired an art historian, Gideon Quent, to restore their prized pieces and that is when things start getting to weird. He doesn’t seem to be doing anything when they are gone during the day. Their cat Moontime senses something is wrong with Gideon and keeps hissing and trying to attack him.
When Div notices some silver wires in their back yard that shouldn’t be there he calls their security expert Francois to look into it. Francois finds more than the couple expects and sets plans in motion to help find out just what exactly is going on.
Div sees his car being driven around town but they never can catch the person to get the car. Francois has Div get Gideon to take him to the police station to check on the report he made about his car. When he does he finds out that the Gideon that they have working for them is not the Gideon he says he is.
When Gideon walks into the police station he hears someone talking about a person impersonating him and the description sounded like the Gideon they had working for them. Div finds out that he is the real Gideon Quent.
When they all meet back at the house Francois, the real Gideon, Div and Tem talk over exactly what the imposter Gideon has done, and how they are going to handle it. Will they find out exactly what the imposter Gideon is up too? Will Div find his car?
What a great novel by AJ. I will definitely read anything of AJ’s that comes across my desk, each and every time. He is a talented and bright author. His books will definitely stay on my keeper shelf.

Book Blurb for My Favorite Husband

Genre: Gay, Paranormal, Romance, Vampire, m/m, (1 m/m/m scene)
Pages: 135
Flame Rating: 3 Flames
Jimmy Thunder's beloved Lincoln Continental has been stolen...what curse could be worse--your favorite ride being gone or sinister goings on right in your house?
You can steal a man's can steal his wallet, but stealing his car...that's just asking for trouble. Waikiki Vampire, Divine Thunder, and his husband, Tem, thought that going to hell and back--literally--was an ordeal. Now they're home and things are a mess--even Div's precious car, which he calls his other husband has been stolen. Picking up the pieces of their half-demolished home, they find themselves in the middle of a new and weird mystery.
They've hired an art historian who's a real weirdo and somebody keeps pinching their good wine and leaving booby traps in their garden. They hire Francois, a big, beautiful, black security expert to get to the bottom of the twisted things going on in the Thunder household. But wait...what the heck is going on? They keep seeing Div's car, driven by the thief all over the island. This is gonna give a whole new meaning to thunder in paradise.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 5.00