Na Hiku

AJ Llewellyn never lets us down when it comes to stories of Kimo and Lopaka, and this one is no different. He weaves a delightful story of family, Kahuna healing and magic. He also adds in the sexy angst of Kimo and Lopaka.
Kimo and Lopaka are hiding the family from the Huna Council. The Council wants to take the twins, Pele and Kamapua’a and Baby Kimo. Their reasoning behind it is because of the immense power the children have or will have. The whole family is hiding out and they now have their pregnant best friend Katie and her two husbands, Lopaka’s paternal grandmother, and Lopaka and Maluhia‘s long lost father and his daughter Isloina.
Keneti, Lopaka’s father they found out happened to be the long lost leader of the Kahuna Council and they were bringing him back to help in their cause. He was going to petition for them to keep the kids. They had found him on Samoa with a cannibal chief that he was married to. He like Kimo was a performer with a difference. He was what the Samoan’s called a fa’afafine, which was a Samoan transvestite, but he didn’t seem happy with his life to Lopaka.  
Since they couldn’t stay at their Oahu property for fear of people knowing they were home and the Council coming and taking the children, they stayed on one of the outer lying Islands of Hawaii called Molokai at a sheltered cove of Oloku’i.
Lopaka was worried that his father was going to up and leave them again like he did when he and Maluhia were children. Keneti explained to them why he left and that he hated to do so. But that he chose to be with them and that no one was going to abduct him or make him change his mind about the children. Isolina was the only one that didn’t understand, and couldn’t understand why Keneti had stayed with her father for so long, because her father beat him.
Katie had her child while they were hiding from the Huna Council and named him after Kimo and Sammy, so Baby Kimo became Little Kimo. How will this all turn out? Read and see.
Each time AJ writes an addition to their series it makes you want to meet them both. I love reading each and every one of his books and won’t hesitate to grab another.

Book Blurb for Na Hiku

Gay, Paranormal, Romance, m/m
Pages: 134
Flame Rating: 4 Flames

You can put a price on many things, but you can't put a price on love, loyalty...or immortality.

Na Hiku...Hawaiian for The Seven...Kahuna and Keeper of Secrets, Kimo Wilder, and his husband, Lopaka, have finally found the Seven Women that Goddess Pele has deemed necessary to protect the fate of their three small children. They have also found the long-lost leader of the Kahuna Council, Lopaka's own father, Paden, a man who has given up his family for a cannibal king in the South Seas.

Relying on Paden, a man with many secrets, fills Lopaka with terror. His father abandoned him and his twin sister, Maluhia, when they were infants. Will he stick around long enough to petition on their behalf, or will sinister forces prevent him doing so?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 5.00