• On Sep 14, 2013, DeltaBme said: I won "Midnight Lies" by Ella Grace !!!!

    It arrived by mail today!! ... Can't wait to get started on it! Thank you, thank you, thank you :D

  • On Aug 26, 2013, Tamazon said: Winners

    Our 20 lucky winners:




    4.Deal Sharing Aunt

    5.Mary Jo Burke





    10.Susan T











  • On Aug 23, 2013, jackier said: The cover!!!

    The cover caught my eye but the synopsis sounds wonderful!!

  • On Aug 23, 2013, armiefox said: Midnight Lies

    Ok...that cover really got my attention. This sounds like an intriguing and thrilling read.

  • On Aug 23, 2013, Deal Sharing Aunt said: sisters

    is this the last book in the series

  • On Aug 22, 2013, melisk said: Midnight Lies

    WOW!!! Can't wait to read this one.

  • On Aug 22, 2013, ArlenaDean said: Midnight Lies

    This sound interesting!

  • On Aug 21, 2013, Glittergirl said: HOT Cover =D

    Wow this sounds good and you can't beat that cover, yum...Thanks for the giveaway!

  • On Aug 21, 2013, deannad said: Thanks

    I want it just for the cover - love it :)

  • On Aug 21, 2013, BookGirl said: Midnight Lies

    I can't wait to read this book.

  • On Aug 21, 2013, maryandphil said: Midnight Lies

    I have already ordered the book Midnight Secrets. Can't wait to start reading your books. The cover makes the book look interesting.

  • On Aug 21, 2013, PamC said: Wildfire Series

    This series looks great. Would love to win this book.

  • On Aug 21, 2013, Mary Jo Burke said: Midnight Lies

    Sounds like a compelling read!

  • On Aug 21, 2013, Flybell said: hot cover

    This book sounds fantastic. I just put it on my wishlist. :)

  • On Aug 21, 2013, Lori Meehan said: Fabulous covers!

    Ella is a new author to me. Then book sounds good.

    Shared and tweeter.

  • On Aug 21, 2013, DeltaBme said: Awesome Cover!

    Haven't read Ella Grace yet but I love Christy Reece books so I'm sure I will love these, too. Fingers crossed I win my first book to try :)

  • On Aug 21, 2013, darkand said: midnight lies

    I love Midnight - it's almost my favorite time of night! Can't wait to read this second Midnight novel!

    Liked on FB & pinned on Pinterest.

  • On Aug 21, 2013, Bmhy said: Midnight Lies

    What an exciting book! Love the cover. Have added this book to my wishlist. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • On Aug 21, 2013, lilar said: wow so sexy

    can't wait to read the book

  • On Aug 21, 2013, suzyrph said: Ella Grace

    Love those covers!!!!


  • On Aug 18, 2013, RJsMommy said: Going Wilde For This!

    Loved Zach and Savannah's story; can't wait for this next installment!

  • On Aug 18, 2013, Livsletlivs said: Midnight Lies

    Wow!!!!! Super fantabulous....can't wait to read all about Sam... :)

  • On Aug 18, 2013, Susan T said: Midnight Lies

    Can't wait to read it.

    Twisted #13

  • On Aug 17, 2013, flowersbirds said: Midnight Lies


  • On Aug 17, 2013, flowersbirds said: Midnight Lies

    This book looks so good. I love the cover. on my TBR pile.

  • On Aug 17, 2013, janiecers said: Ella Grace




    Sounds like a series I would enjoy reading.

  • On Aug 17, 2013, Fibrogal said: Midnight Lies

    Love the Wilde sisters, can't wait for all the Wildefire books.

  • On Aug 17, 2013, pcsacco said: Midnight Lies

    Love her books.

  • On Aug 17, 2013, Vlloyd said: Midnight Lies

    Would really enjoy reading this book!

  • On Aug 17, 2013, NancyW said: Ella Grace

    I received the first book in a contest and absolutely loved it, would love to read the second one also.

  • On Aug 17, 2013, annecolbert said: I Cannot Wait To Read Book 2

    I loved Midnight Secrets and would be thrilled to win Midnight Lies! If it's half as good as Midnight Secrets, it will be great!

  • On Aug 15, 2013, jbalinski said: Ella Grace

    This sounds like a great story. Can't wait to read it. Love the cover. Liked.

  • On Aug 10, 2013, maureence said: Ella Grace

    I have never read any stories by Ella Grace but this looks like a good one.


    like on facebook; Maureen Carol

  • On Aug 10, 2013, ecocat said: The Wilderfire Series

    This is going to be a must read series for me. I love cold cases where the so-call murder-suicide isn't a suicide at all and that a dark secret is about to be exposed. I love a good crime story and mystery.

  • On Aug 09, 2013, Lizsemkiu said: A cover to dream about!

    Your story looks intriguing. Will have to add to my TBR pile. Thanks for the contest.

  • On Aug 09, 2013, greenshamrock said: yummy cover

    Wow that is a drool worthy cover... makes me want to know more!

  • On Aug 09, 2013, anita said: Ella Grace.............

    Ella is a new favorite author for me.

    Looking forward to reading more of

    her work!

    Pat C.

  • On Aug 08, 2013, Hotcha said: MIDNIGHT LIES


  • On Aug 08, 2013, Glittergirl said: Yummy Romantic Suspense

    Rom Susp is something new for me within romance and I've been intrigued with this series seeing it on the blogs. I'd love to win and get started =) I love the sisters idea and her being a cop.

    I liked for an extra entry.

  • On Aug 08, 2013, JeanMP said: Midnight Lies

    Wow, love the cover. Putting this one on my to buy list.

  • On Aug 08, 2013, Orangepeacock said: Midnight lies!

    Oh, I've wanted to read these for so long! Not to mention those men are just to sexy for words :) tehehehehe. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

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  • On Aug 08, 2013, beckymmoe said: Midnight Lies

    I can't wait to read this one!

    I liked, tweeted, and pinned too...

  • On Aug 08, 2013, katsrus said: Ella Grace

    Awesome cover. Would love to read this book!

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  • On Aug 08, 2013, darkand said: Midnight Yum!

    Sounds like another amazing read!

    Liked on FB!

  • On Aug 08, 2013, RBENNER said: Midnight Lies Contest

    I have this one on my wishlist

  • On Aug 08, 2013, twooddy said: Can't wait

    Loved the first book! Can't wait for this one to come out.

  • On Aug 08, 2013, DianeS said: Pinterest

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  • On Aug 08, 2013, DianeS said: Looks great!

    This looks like fabulous Romantic suspense!

  • On Aug 08, 2013, Jbst said: contest

    Sounds very exciting and interesting. Great looking cover.

  • On Aug 08, 2013, Catslady said: contest

    This is a new author for me but it sounds like an exciting read!

  • On Aug 08, 2013, Deal Sharing Aunt said: umm

    can I have a close up plz :)

  • On Aug 07, 2013, arlenadean said: Midnght Lies

    Sounds yummy!

  • On Aug 07, 2013, lisagk said: Lies

    Oh my those are really beautiful covers and a nice blurb.

  • On Aug 07, 2013, KChorak said: Midnight Lies

    I absolutely loved Midnight Secrets and I can't wait to read Midnight Lies. It sounds fantastic.

  • On Aug 07, 2013, Sable said: Midnight Lies

    Sounds like a great read.

  • On Aug 07, 2013, Mary Jo Burke said: Midnight Lies

    Stunning cover and compelling story!

  • On Aug 07, 2013, Evampire said: Midnight Lies.

    I enjoyed the book a lot and would love to own one. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway. evamillien at gmail dot com


  • On Aug 07, 2013, MelissaL said: Midnight Lies

    OMG I can't wait to read this series. Sounds so good

  • On Aug 07, 2013, bncandg said: re:

    nice covers

  • On Aug 06, 2013, Robin said: lies

    Love your books.

  • On Aug 05, 2013, WildFlower said: Midnight Lies

    1. Oh, THIS looks goooooooood! I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good mystery/suspense and romance together!! Another listing from NOR that's got me running to Amazon to buy book #1!!

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    Melissa Price iorio

    *Third entry today and 3rd person to like on FB for each so counting on my lucky number three to be lucky for these!!*

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    Melissa iorio

    *YAY* Thank you NOR for the awesome ops today and always!! So much fun!! :)

  • On Aug 03, 2013, Lumanesce said: Midnight Lies

    Strong characters and a murder mystery! Perfect combination for me.

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  • On Aug 02, 2013, AquarianDancer said: Savannah

    I loved Savannah's story and cannot wait to see what happens with Samantha! This is a great new series. :-D

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  • On Aug 02, 2013, DrRob said: Midnight Lies

    The eye candy on the cover makes it completely appealing to me...the great storyline would be an added perk. Would LOVE to win one :)