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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: September 01, 2005

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Thanks for taking the time to let us know what you are up to.

My pleasure.

To start out can you tell us a little about yourself?

I have lived in Okinawa, Guam, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Florida.I was an Air Force brat, so we traveled a lot when I was younger. We finally settled in Arizona, which I love, but I think I miss the trees and forests, because my books always include those types of settings. I've been married a loooong time, (yet my husband still continues to surprise me), have two sons I'm extremely proud of, and I share my lap with two very tiny Chihuahuas. I love to read (`natch) and I especially love fantasy, probably because my first books were fairytales and I can't get that sense of wonder out of my heart.

Who are your publishers?

I've been published in several magazines, a book anthology, and my fantasy romance novel "Beneath the Thirteen Moons" was published in hardcover by Thomson/Gale Five Star.

Please tell our readers about your newest books? Any series? When will they be out?

After "Beneath the Thirteen Moons" I wanted to try a historical, and wrote a fun adventure titled "His American Heiress". While I was writing it, my `fantasy' imagination kept saying "What if?", and this inspired my next book, "Enchanting the Lady", a historical paranormal, with the levels of the aristocracy dependent on their level of magic use. It also involves one of Merlin's Thirteen Relics, ancient jewels of power, each imbibed with a different magical power--which is leading me into a series of books. My agent currently has both books on editor's desks..

Where did you come up with your ideas? What was your trigger?

I think I answered that already . But, for "Beneath the Thirteen Moons", I was inspired by all the things I love, and it gelled into my first book. Things like the canals of Venice, Tarzan, the movie "African Queen", my memories of Guam, the swamps of Florida and my fascination with the ocean. I wanted a world where technology would be unlikely to develop (so no land), and a setting that would parallel the relationship of my characters-wet, untamed, dangerous and yet beautiful at the same time. Since this is a planet that was colonized by a spaceship from earth, I used a mix of earth-based names and newly developed ones (based on our own history when explorers colonize new territories). For example, many of the character's names are based on something related to earth's oceans: the hero's name, Korl, comes from `coral'; the heroine's name, Mahri, from `mahi-mahi', King Oshen (ocean) S'raya (stingray), and so on. Some of the names I just made up because they fit the character so don't try to find a derivaive for "Jaja", which is Mahri's pet monk-fish (half monkey, half fish). That little critter is the comic relief and his name just fit.

Please tell us about your life - Do you write full-time or part-time? What do you do for fun? Any hobbies?

I run a business, and I write as often as I can, so I don't have any spare time for hobbies.unless you count shopping . I do play indoor soccer every Sunday, which can sometimes be grueling, but I love it.

Is writing your main career or is it a side project?

It's my obsession.

If you have a website - Please tell us what we can expect of it - Will you update monthly, daily, yearly? Are there any excerpts for us to read? Contests? Writing tips? Interviews?

You can see the covers and read a snippet about the short stories I have published, including a link to purchase my fairytale short story in "The Writers Post Journal". You can read reviews of my book, a sensual excerpt and, of course, my inspiration for the world I built. You can see pictures of my adorable puppies, my bio, my current contest, and a news page where I try to keep a journal about what I'm currently working on. www.kathrynekennedy.com

What advice would you give our readers about writing a romance book?

Learn the craft, write the book that you, yourself, would most want to read, and find a good critique partner. I got lucky with my CP, Donna MacQuigg, who recently had a western romance published by Five Star ("The Price of Pride"-you can meet her at www.donnamacquigg.com). She's a very talented writer.

How much research do you do for each book?

It depends on the book. A lot of the research comes from my imagination when I'm world building. I draw maps, create culture, customs, clothing, even my own dictionary. For my historical paranormals, I do a LOT of historical research. I'm already adding magic into my world, so it's important for me to have the history right--so that I'm not asking the reader to stretch their believability *too* far. I take real historical facts, names, etc., and often twist or add to them for my world. But I need a solid basis before I can do any of that.

What else would you like to tell our readers?

To readers, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. To writers, never give up.only you can write the book that is uniquely yours!

Please tell us about your favorite characters.

Please include information on the books they are in. Hmm. This is kinda' like asking who's your favorite child. They all are. Each is valued for their strengths, which makes them admirable, and for their flaws, which makes them endearing. In "Moons", I admire Mahri's strength and wildness, and Korl's stubborn arrogance-and adore them both for their hidden vulnerabilities.

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