Fish Out of Water

This was a very good book for only having 95 pages. We meet Eric and Caren while Eric is trying to get away from the paparazzi by hiding out on his own private little island. He is at a crossroads. He has just been traded to another baseball team, feeling like a “has been”.

Along comes Caren walking his beach with tears in her eyes, dragging a grouper. She's working on research on what is happening to certain fish species. Slight problem, her boat has capsized sending all her research materials to the bottom of the ocean. She needs it to get tenure at the university where she teaches. She's working on a deadline both at her job and in her personal life.

Eric finds her notes and saves an important part of her research right before a hurricane hits. Caren has to get into the water the night of the hurricane or it could mean her death. She finds herself in Eric's house for safety during the storm, but she needs to find a way to the water and away from Eric's prying eyes. Something's starting between Eric and Caren, but will her secret be the end before they even start?

Book Blurb for Fish Out of Water

Love…another swing and a miss? Not this time.

At thirty-five, baseball star Eric Fisher is washed up. He thought a vacation to his private island getaway would clear his head, help him accept the simple fact that his career is flagging. He was wrong.

In the middle of a solitary afternoon on the beach with a bucket of beer, a woman emerges from the ocean. She’s pretty, with a body built for the bikini she’s almost wearing. She smells like the giant fish she’s dragging through the sand. And she’s crying.

Caren McCabe is livid. Fish species are disappearing fast, no thanks to rich Hollywood types who buy up rare island habitats like St. Andres. Worse, her boat has just capsized, taking with it the bulk of her research—and any hope of getting tenure.

It takes a hurricane to bring them to speaking terms. As the winds howl, they have a meeting of minds and hearts neither of them anticipated. Just as things heat up, though, the full moon forces Caren to answer the sea’s siren call and assume her true form. A form that no mortal man must ever see…much less be allowed to love.

Warning: Contains two wary, wounded hearts with an ocean-sized obstacle to forever love. Who knew love could overcome it by sprouting fins and a tail? Readers are asked to refrain from feeding the sharks.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 5.00