Chloe Hawthorn is miserable after her mother's death, when her father up and moves her to New York City, taking her away from her friends and everything she has ever known. Chloe has these awful nightmares where she dreams she is always falling; she cannot escape these dreams until her best friend Trish in St. Louis sends her an e-mail with a link to follow one night. Chloe follows the link and it is of a boy playing a guitar, Chloe becomes completely obsessed with this website of Shane and his friend Josh. She even goes as far as having vivid dreams of Shane and her together.

Shane is in rehab because of a Heroin addiction. Shane is in a band with his best friend Josh and their drummer. They think they are about to make the big time when Shane meets Sid his teacher. After getting kicked out of school Shane's life starts to slowly unravel and become far worse than it was before. Then he decides to admit himself into rehab so he can get better, because he wants more out of his life then what it has become. When Shane starts having dreams of a girl named Chloe who comes to him in his cell he thinks his medication has been tainted. Are they really dreams or is something more happening then he can understand.

I had a lot of favorite moments in this book. I really liked the characters; they are so real life that you could find yourself relating to them as people. They have lives like so many people actually have in real life and I found that I could relate to them for that fact. The characters have real feelings and real fears and have to do things that could put them in danger, maybe even kill them to do what is right in the end. I would take caution in letting a younger audience read this novel as there is Heroin discussed and also sexual encounters. This is more for the mature teen and adults.

This is one of my favorite books that I have read this year. I found myself so attached to Chloe that I am having a hard time letting go of her still. These characters are ones that make you think if you are on your right path in life or if you should be taking another one. I cried while reading this book and it takes a really great book to get me so attached that I feel like it was happening to me. Chloe is so strong even when she has to say goodbye. This book kept me up at night and I never wanted to stop reading it as I wanted to know what was going to happen next. The ending blew me away and was unexpected.

Book Blurb for Dreamwalk

After the death of her mother, eighteen year old Chloe Hawthorn is haunted by terrifying nighttime hallucinations. Determined to take control of her dreams, she uses them to find Shane Anderson, a charming and troubled musician whose online videos have been holding her in thrall. She finds him in the Dreamtime, sweating out heroin detox in a run-down rehab center.

Chloe sets out to find Shane in the waking world and discovers her dreams have been taking her into the past. Horrified, Chloe realizes Shane doesn't survive his addictions. In order to save him, Chloe must master her Australian mother's legacy — the secret of walking the Dreaming through time. But what price will Chloe pay for this Dreamwalk and will she save Shane only to lose him forever? 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 5.00