Tangled in Tulle

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Tangled in Tulle

Tulle and Tulips, Book 1

Lori is trying to leave her past far behind. Tricked into believing she worked for the United States Government she did some horrible things and is trying to build a new life. But during that dark time in her life she met Trevor. He she can't seem to forget and doesn't really want to. When he is her only option for realizing her dream of building her own business she approaches him to back her. He does more than that and while she takes the deal she's not prepared for what she gets. A silent partner who wants her to design his wedding.

Trevor can't forget Lori nor does he want to. He's gotten some details about her past but not enough to satisfy him. When she approaches him he sets a trap to snare the one woman meant for him. If she thinks he's planning to marry another woman that's fine, but he knows different and pulls out all the stops to woo her. If all goes to plan she'll never know what hit her until it's too late.

I really enjoyed this book but sometimes felt I was dropped into the middle of a story. While this is book one the author wrote it like we were all familiar with the back story and that sent me to do a search for a connected story, of which there was none. I can only assume the second story will contain that information?

We all should have a rich man intent on romance at least once in our lives. Trevor was a dream come true and I console myself with the fact this is fiction and the possibility a man like him really exists is slim. A girl can hope. I liked Trevor much more than Lori. Lori seemed intent on punishing herself while the man she "betrayed" held no ill feelings. I felt she used that as a buffer to resist truly healing and moving on. But Trevor wasn't to be denied or distracted and that kept me interested. With lots of creative romancing on Trevor's part to enjoy this is a promising start to a series.

Book Blurb for Tangled in Tulle

Mission: Build a new life. Confront the past. Plan the wedding of the man she loves.

Lori Mullins yearns to shake off her past and live free of shadows and fear. Yet her only shot at obtaining the capital to launch her business rests in a man she met during a lie. A man whose voice alone turned her from jaded escort to giddy schoolgirl. A man who almost died because of her.

Trevor Masters can call off his search for the woman he loves. The woman he dreamt of while comatose. The quest for her heart, however, is only beginning. The trick will be convincing her he doesn't blame her-and that she deserves to accept herself as the woman who holds his heart.

Business negotiations land Lori in a heavenly hell. Heaven that Trevor is close enough to touch. Hell that she's planning her first designer wedding. His. And something's not quite right. The kind, compassionate man she fell for all those months ago, the man who's engaged to another, seems intent on wooing her.

Warning: This title contains a balloon-toting rodent, a hero scheming for love, a heroine evading complications, and hot sex.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.50