Mistress of Purgatory Point

Three years ago Martha’s minister husband died.  She’s bought a house on the lake they admired when on vacation.  The house has long term residents known as Ben and Stella, ghosts who will stay in the house until the resident falls madly in love.

With a little help from Ben and Stella Martha begins to realize her sexual side, which helps to energize her into trying things out on Dan, a neighbor and US Forest Service man.

Dan has checked out Martha on his canoe trips around the lake and gets to meet her at Natalie’s consignment shop where Natalie has agreed to display some of Martha’s handmade jewelry.  Dan’s agreed to help Martha set up for the winter and they forge a new relationship.

Mistress of Purgatory Point has the BDSM, Lesbian, and Ménage rating, as there’s more than just vanilla sex.  The ghosts even get into the action.

The adult characters are comfortable with their lives but when they come together their passionate personalities are much richer.  Each personality is very different from another.  The inclusion of pets adds a special humor to most of the scenes, as pets will do in real life situations.

The dialogue is fun and easy to follow.  The author devotes time to make our perception of the settings effortless to visualize.

This is a romance with a touch of almost everything included, so it should appeal to a wide range of readers.         

Book Blurb for Mistress of Purgatory Point

A tender ghost story and a sizzling erotic romance with a splash of BDSM, Mistress of Purgatory Point is also the deeply moving chronicle of the mid-life sexual awakening of a stoic widow who thought she’d already experienced her one allotted love. One man, two women and two ghosts keep love’s fires burning through the deep chill of a Northwoods winter—but which love will hold the key?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 4.00