Willow Springs

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Willow Springs

A Destiny Novel

I absolutely loved this story. I’ve always been a fan of Ms. Blake’s stories and this new Destiny novel is no exception. I love her writing style and always find myself glued to her storylines and characters. I loved how Amy and Logan had been in each other’s lives for years and never even thought of looking at each other in a romantic way. Now Amy is battling her own demons, right along Logan, because she doesn’t want to lose him in her life, but nor can she continue hiding her true feelings for him. Poor Logan is going through hell and back because he can’t believe he didn’t go against orders and at least try one more time to save his friends. My heart bled for the both of them for such different reasons. Ms. Blake knows how to tell a story and she has her readers hanging onto her every word. I love that her novels are long stories and I hate seeing each one come to an end. I highly recommend this story, along with any back titles this author offers to her readers. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed picking up a book or two to take to the beach or even on your vacation this summer. Don’t pass this one up!

Amy Bright is the kind of girl that is loved by all. In the little town of Destiny, Ohio she’s even considered the matchmaker for everyone. The sad part is she just can’t seem to find the perfect match for herself.

Her longtime best friend, Logan Whitaker, is going through a pretty rough time in his life right now. You see Logan is a firefighter and he was on a call to put out a fire that started at a close friend’s house. When he got there and entered the house with the other firefighters, the blaze grew so out of control they were ordered to evacuate the house immediately. He saw the couple pleading for their lives, but he couldn’t get to them because they were surrounded by the inferno. Torn by leaving them or dying himself, he followed the orders given to him and left the blazing house. That night, not only did the couple die, but also something in Logan died as well. Not being able to handle their deaths, he decides to take a leave from the department.

Amy can’t believe how hard Logan is taking this tragedy. Being his longtime best friend, she’ll do anything to get the old Logan back again. Her heart breaks seeing just how tormented and disconnected he’s become with everyone since the fire. But as she goes out of her way to make a few unannounced house calls to check up on him, something inside Amy’s heart makes her realize that the love she feels for Logan is more than a best friend should feel for him. She’s downright in love with him, but she knows he doesn’t feel the same way for her.

Does Amy ever get the courage to own up to her feelings for Logan? If so, how would he respond to his best friend being in love with him? Could a relationship be in the cards for these two or are they destined to lose the friendship they had all these years because he’s not into Amy like she’s into him?

Book Blurb for Willow Springs

Exciting contemporary voice Toni Blake returns to Destiny, Ohio with another sizzling and emotional story of a longtime friendship that turns into something oh so much more…

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 5.00