Forgotten Alliance

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Forgotten Alliance

Sarah and Greg Novak were married for twenty years.  They have both become so preoccupied with things such as work and children, that they started drifting apart from each other.
Greg decided that it was best if he took his needs to someone else, particularly Miranda Conklin.  Once Sarah found out about his affair, directly from Miranda herself, she was devastated.  Miranda, of course, figured that this was paving the way for Greg to finally leave his wife and family behind and start the life she wanted with him.  All Sarah kept wondering was how she didn’t see this coming.  Then the time finally came to confront Greg and what he had done to her and the family.
How did Sarah confront Greg when he got home that night?  Did he open up to her about everything or did he try to squirm his way out of the situation?  What was their next plan of action?
This was an entertaining read for me.  My heart went out to Sarah for being strong enough to talk directly to Miranda.  I was hoping that she would stay strong not only for her children, but also for herself.  Ms. Hoornstra displayed quite a bit of emotion throughout these pages of her story.  I would recommend this story definitely for other readers to pick up. 

Book Blurb for Forgotten Alliance

Sarah Novak was devastated by her husband’s affair. After more than twenty years, she thought their marriage was immune. Greg’s own actions in becoming involved with another woman devastate him as well. He is positive Sarah can never forgive him and doubts he can ever forgive himself. And worst of all, their marriage was officially over. Then, in spite of their pain, or because of it, Greg and Sarah make new discoveries about their relationship that surprise them both, and start them on the path to renewed commitment—to themselves and to each other—and their forgotten alliance together.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.75