Three's The Charm

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Three's The Charm

Rachel Griffin, the name she goes by these days since divorcing her husband, couldn’t seem to get away from all the meddling her grandmother was doing into her personal life since he ex-husband, Heath Ransom, has moved back into town. All Rachel wants to do is forget that Heath ever existed, but her grandmother seems to have other plans in store for her granddaughter.
Poor Rachel harbors the bad memories of how Heath used her to help pay off his vet school bills years ago. What really hit her to the core was once she was diagnosed with cancer, Heath fled out of her life. His heartless actions made her realize that she wanted a divorce from him. Her one true friend that she could always count on though was Pansy, her elderly palomino mare. That horse meant everything to Rachel.
One day, one of the town’s people, Boots Hollister, started spreading the word around that a pack of wild dogs were roaming the area and even attacked his horse. Everyone didn’t pay much attention to his words because he was known to fabricate lies in the past. Unfortunately, Rachel didn’t listen to Boots’ warning and poor Pansy was severely injured by the wild pack of dogs. By the time she scared the dogs away, Pansy was in sad condition. Now the only vet she could call was Heath. To her disadvantage he was the only one within three counties of the West Virginia mountains. Worried over losing Pansy, Rachel immediately calls Heath to help her out. 
He comes to examine Pansy and works on her for some time. He tries everything he can to keep the old girl alive because he knows how dear this horse is to Rachel. He wants so much for Rachel not to be upset so he promises her that he will make certain that Pansy will not die. Deep down though he knows that he can’t really promise anything like that because it was all hinging on how Pansy was going to take to her treatment. This was all a blessing in disguise for Rachel’s grandmother. She saw it as fate bringing these two brokenhearted people back together.
Was he able to save Pansy’s life even though the horse was severely hurt? Does he ever get the chance to talk to Rachel about what has been on his mind all these years? Would she even care to hear what he has to say to her? Is there a remotest possibility she will give him another chance?
I really enjoyed this story written by Ms. Dye because it was packed with so much raw emotion from the opening scene to the very last one. It seemed there was quite a bit of unsaid things between Rachel and Heath and if an opportunity for them to speak was ever going to happen, this was the time to do so. I was hoping all along that Pansy pulled through for Rachel.  I love how it was Pansy who opened the line of communication between these two estranged individuals. This story tugged at my heartstrings. You definitely shouldn’t pass this story up. 

Book Blurb for Three's The Charm

Heath Ransom is educated, successful, a brilliant Doctor of Veterinary Medicine---and completely miserable. In the process of making himself amount to something---a feat no Ransom ever before achieved in Trenton's Forge---he'd managed to lose the only person who made his life amount to anything, his wife, Rachel. Now he's determined to stop at nothing to win her back. But Rachel has some very firm opinions where her ex-husband is concerned---and no way will Heath, with his golden blonde, ruggedly sexy good looks change any of them. She'd vowed never to speak to him again, and that was that. However, when her beloved horse falls ill and Heath is the only Vet within three counties of West Virginia mountains, Rachel begins to learn that some vows need to be broken. And perhaps others are meant to be renewed...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.00