Purgatory: Love's Protection

Book 1 in the Purgatory Series

Gunnar and Kelsey have been corresponding for the past year ever since last Halloween when things started to get hot and heavy up until Gunnar got called away on business. Now a year has passed and all either can think about is getting into bed with each other. Once the night has passed though Gunnar must leave again, this time without being allowed to talk to Kelsey ever again.

6 months pass and Gunnar is still in the city doing his job, and doing the best he can to forget the person that fills his every waking thought…Kelsey. Just after capturing a poltergeist he runs into Kelsey again in Central Park. The sparks are still flying between then and the heat leads to them having sex again, this time in the park. Gunnar cannot let it be so he gives her a way to contact him in the event of an emergency.

When Kelsey discovers that she is now pregnant she feels that this is emergency enough and leaves him an email telling him about the “good” news. But with an immortal child growing inside her it seems that she is now considered wonderful food to a poltergeist. When Gunnar and Sterling come to check on Kelsey and bring her to Purgatory for the duration of her pregnancy, they find something unexpected. It seems that Kelsey is more than they thought she was and when the truth comes to light will Gunnar’s feelings for Kelsey be allowed to continue or will the fates decide to keep them apart forever.

Purgatory: Love’s Protection took me by surprise. I mean I was expecting a good read but what I did not expect was for the book to keep me captivated from start to finish. I love a good story especially a good love story with all that entails and this story fills that need. Ann King has done a wonderful job bringing Purgatory and the Hunters to life for this reader. I hope that you take the time to make them come to life for you also. I know I am looking forward to more journeys into Purgatory.

Book Blurb for Purgatory: Love's Protection

In the celestial realm of Purgatory, an elite group of angels known as Hunters have thrived since the dawn of time. Charged with keeping Purgatory and the earth below free from the threat of poltergeists, Hunters have developed a mantel that is free from cumbersome emotions. Their dedication to the eradication of the poltergeist ensures their separation from the rest of the angelic race--feared and respected by all they protect.

When Gunnar, a member of the Hunter team, encounters the lovely human Kelsey, the instant attraction is dangerous not only for the angel, but all that he holds sacred in his world. Angel-human alliances are forbidden yet he cannot deny the pull of her heart to his, even when that means forsaking all he has embraced for centuries.

When Kelsey is threatened by poltergeists, Gunnar must break every rule he’s known in order to embrace his destiny. The decisions he makes could affect not only the celestial realm, but the safety of all humanity. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 5.00