Dakota's Bride

Emma St. John is on the run from a very dangerous and evil man, her stepfather. Upon her mother’s mysterious death after a long illness, Emma overhears her stepfather discussing how he systematically poisoned her mother until she died. After hearing this devastating news, as well as hearing her stepfather’s horrible plan for her, Emma decides to run away taking her younger sister Clare with her. They are both now on the run and Emma’s stepfather has accused her of murdering her own mother, kidnapping her younger sister and stealing her own inheritance money.

Emma has an older brother, Jacob, who left years before their mother died, to make a life of his own away from their stepfather. The only resource Emma has is to follow the instructions left by her own brother in a letter on the day he left, telling her that if she should ever need help to seek out Dakota Barringer for assistance.

Paying for passage on the paddle wheeler boat owned by Dakota, Emma and her sister have a room aboard the ship; however, Emma is expected to work as a serving girl to the many men on board. By the turn of luck she ends up assigned to serve at Dakota’s table, but before she has the time to let him know who she is and what she needs, their chemistry for each other, and a little wine, do the trick to bring these two together in other enticing ways.

Betrayals, hidden agendas, dangerous Pinkertons looking to collect on the reward offered for Emma’s capture and an endearing love story outline this unforgettable tale. I followed along the trails with Emma and Dakota eagerly awaiting the resolution of their story. This is definitely a page-turner you will not want to put down.

Book Blurb for Dakota's Bride

Page Count:  265

Heat Level: 3-Spicy: Contains actual love scenes and may include detailed descriptions of foreplay and consummation.

When Emma St. John received her brother's letter imploring her to escape her stepfather's vengeful scheme and to trust Dakota Barringer with her life, she was willing to chance it. But the handsome, brooding riverboat owner Emma found in Natchez a danger of another kind. For Emma soon found herself surrendering to an unrelenting desire.

Raised by the Sioux when his parents were killed, Dakota had been betrayed once before by a white woman. He wasn't about to trust another, especially one claiming that her stepfather, a powerful U.S. senator, had framed her as a murderess. But he couldn't let Emma's intoxicating effect on him. Now Dakota would risk his very life to protect the innocent beauty who had seduced him with her tender love.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.25