Vow of Seduction

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Vow of Seduction

Sir Alex de Beaumont has been a prisoner of war for many years and the only thing that has kept him from losing all hope is thoughts of his wife and the vision of how she made love to him on their wedding night. After Alex is able to escape the prison that has kept him caged up for so many years, Alex discovers that the wife he left behind is planning to marry another man.

Lady Katherine suffered betrayal and loss after her husband left her right after their wedding night without any warning. Now, years later after being presumed killed during a battle, Sir Alex de Beaumont returns to stop Kat’s wedding to Sir Luc de Joinveille.

Sinister plots have been set into motion way before we meet our main characters and their current dilemmas. Someone is determined to eliminate Kat and cause Alex as much pain as possible in the process. In order for Alex to have any chance at reconciling and gaining forgiveness from Kat, he must find out who was responsible for his betrayal and capture, as well as who is trying to kill Kat.

What is the purpose of a good quality historical romance novel for you? For me it is to take me away into another time and place where I can imagine being the female protagonist and living the romantic interlude. Those of us that enjoy this type of novel will eat this one up in a day. You will love these two strong characters and feel their pain and struggles with each other as well as against the hidden dangers that loom nearby. I would immediately recommend this book to all lovers of historical romance.

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Sworn to support King Edward, Sir Alex de Beaumont had to leave his new bride on their wedding night to fight in the Crusades. Captured and left to languish in a lonely prison, the warrior knight is kept alive by the memory of love - and of Lady Katherine's innocent passion as she cried out his name in ecstasy and made him her own. Upon his escape and return to England, he is shocked to find his beloved is about to marry another man...

Kat refuses to forgive him. But Alex will not be gainsaid. He vows to seduce her all over again and his searching kisses reawaken the sensual fire they once knew - until an enemy determined to destroy them both closes in. Now Alex must risk everything for the one woman whose love he wants forever...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.50