Blood Hunt

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Blood Hunt

The Sentinel Wars, #5

Blood Hunt by Shannon K. Butcher is the next exciting installment in her Sentinel Wars series and focuses on the Sanguinar blood hunter Logan Athanar and his struggle to protect the mysterious Hope Serrien. Hope's background is shrouded in mystery but she has always had a compelling desire to aid the lost souls around her, aided by her uncanny ability to see the auras of others. Logan's purpose in life up until now has been a search to create lives who will sustain his dying race and he senses that Hope will be a perfect candidate for his plan. He has no idea of the impact that this human will have on his own willpower and he discovers that she has her own opinion about how her life will be disposed of, which doesn't coincide with his plans. Hope is abruptly introduced into a bewildering world which includes the desperate struggle between the evil Synestryn and the Theronai who not only have their uneasy alliance with the Sanguinar (who have their own agenda) but who are gradually dealing with the previously antagonistic Slayers. The Theronai are stretched thin dealing with the tragic changes that have recently occurred and the damages that have stretched their own resources to the limit. Logan must find a way to reconcile the conflict between his devotion to duty and his personal desires but he and Hope have to survive long enough to do so.

Another intriguing chapter in the series that provides plenty of drama and action. There is an almost overwhelming avalanche of apparently insurmountable problems and a multitude of characters that appear and disappear with disconcerting frequency so there are plenty of dangling threads to be continued in future works. An enjoyable exploration of Logan's character although the ending is a bit forced and tends to strain the bonds of incredulity with the new revelations that are suddenly revealed. The work can be read as a stand alone book but would be better savored with exposure to the previous four books in the series, especially because there are so many different characters with complex backstories. An enjoyable and thrilling read.

Book Blurb for Blood Hunt

Hope appeared out of nowhere, naked and alone, a woman without a past. The only thing she knows is that she is imbued with a strange power. It's in her blood. And two men want to posses it. One is Logan, a Sanguiner demon-fighter who needs Hope's essence to survive. The other is Krag, a Synestryn lord whose desire is to enslave Hope, and drain her of the lifeforce. When Hope and Logan both fall prey to Krag, a powerful desire grows between them. But is it enough to thwart their captor's diabolical plan and his demon warriors, and survive a vampire's destiny written in blood?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.25