The Seduction of Miranda Prosper

The Seduction of Miranda Prosper by Marissa Day is a Regency romance which wonderfully blends fantasy and eroticism while telling the tale of a naive spinster who becomes pivotal in a plot against the Sorcerers in London’s elite society. The innocent virgin is drawn into the spell of two virile lovers who teach her the power that her sensuality and innate abilities can wield while awakening the astonishing passion that her quiet demeanor has concealed thus far in her life. Sorcerer Corwin Rathe and his beloved partner Darius Marlowe are able to combine pleasure and purpose as they initiate MIranda Prosper in her important role while attempting to protect her from the destiny which menaces her. Miranda has always condemned her own mother for her seemingly mercenary means of support while ignoring her own role in the family’s straitened circumstances but is encouraged to confront her own heritage by the seductive pair who change her life forever.  The question becomes whether her new alliance will be able to save her and others from the malign intentions that the Fae have for all humans and whether she can finally find a lasting relationship of her own after watching her mother’s mistakes.

The Seduction of Miranda Prosper is a surprisingly enchanting yet sizzling erotic fantasy that introduces another sample of a well-known fantasy author’s dexterity with creating intriguing societies and nicely crafted characters. The only objection is the length of time involved in the epilogue seems a bit unrealistic given the strength of the passions purportedly involved and the financial difficulties. A nice start to a series that is sure to keep one stimulated in more ways than one, with a delightfully sensual romance and chillingly evil villains. Can’t wait for the next one!

Book Blurb for The Seduction of Miranda Prosper

Regency England has never been so dangerous, so magical-or so hot.

In London society, restless Miranda Prosper is considered unmarriageable. So she's stunned when the handsome Corwin Rathe asks for a dance at a summer ball. But it's more than a waltz-because Corwin is a sorcerer, and he's about entangle Miranda in a web of sexual enchantment, magical intrigue, and breathtaking danger.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.50