The Unquiet

The Unquiet is an anthology featuring five remarkable authors who have joined forces yet again to provide yet another enjoyable collection of stories. J.D. Robb's exquisitely fascinating Lieutenant Eve Dallas is presented with yet another mass murderer who provides an enigma in the tale Chaos in Death. Her recovery from the traumatic events detailed in New York to Dallas is progressing but that doesn't prevent Roarke (who is described in a lovely thumbnail sketch by reporter Nadine Furst) and the rest of her friends and family from continuing to be concerned about her well-being. Eve continues with her methodical elimination of possibilities because when all other possibilities are gone then the impossible must be the solution.

Mary Blayney continues her mystical tale of a special coin in Her Greatest Treasure wherein the widow of Alexei Chernov must discover why she is being threatened for something that she doesn't know that she possesses. A fortuitous rescue by a mysterious gentleman who gives his name as Chase starts her on a new chapter in her life but both she and he must reveal their closely-guarded secrets if they are going to let each other into their hearts.

Dear One by Patricia Gaffney is a delightful tale of misdirection and false identities as a lonely widower communes with a would-be psychic who has plenty of her own woes to deal with. A suspicious grandson and a psychic aunt add to the mayhem as inexplicable forces bring love into the lives of those who have been keeping their hearts closely-guarded to avoid being hurt again.

Ruth Ryan Langan's The Unforgiven presents a haunting tale of a defensive Scottish ghost who is resisting the widow who has come to his ancestral home with plans to disrupt everything he has ever known. Each of them has dealt with terrible betrayal and must learn to deal with the accompanying repercussions before they can move forward.

His Brother's Keeper is a wonderfully poignant tale by Mary Kay McComas that presents a children's writer named Ivy who is plagued by dreams of falling and retreats to a beautiful locale where she encounters strangely familiar sights and people despite never having been there before. An encounter with an attractive neighbor named Craig and the appearance of a young boy named Oliver in her drawings and her dreams leads to an increase in the disturbance each is experiencing. They must learn to interpret what is going on before they can begin a more peaceful and enjoyable life.

A fantastic collection of stories that will delight regular fans of these authors and garner new acolytes for them. The gamut from dark serial killer to good-hearted telephone psychic with a couple of very vocal ghosts and a mysterious magical coin provide a tale for every taste.

Book Blurb for The Unquiet

Five New York Times bestselling authors-five superlative stories.

From J.D. Robb: Eve and Rourke return to investigate a series of murders connected to a brilliant young surgeon in Chaos in Death.

From Mary Blayney: A shopkeeper's solitude is complicated by a magic coin, a daring rogue, and dreams of her late husband, who whispers but one word...wish.

From Patricia Gaffney: A lonely woman and a hotline psychic turn their astonishing connection to the other side into an unexpected romance.

From Ruth Ryan Langan: The shattered soul of an angry spirit imprisoned in a Scottish manor house could be a young widow's only salvation.

From Mary Kay McComas: A young ghost eases his brother's pain and guilt by inviting him into the dreams of an imaginative author of children's books.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 5.00