Going Down

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Going Down

Oral Sex Stories

This was by far one of the most complete erotic works I've ever come across. It had lovers of all backgrounds, ages, and gender identities. It featured straight men and women, gay and lesbian, bi, transmen and transwomen, to name a few. The oral stories were highly stimulating and titillating. An anthology is always a crowd pleaser, as readers can pick and choose what stories to read and how many because they’re only a couple pages long whenever they may choose. Reading multiple stories in a row could prove difficult as the stories are so steamy readers may need to take a break.

Some stories spoke to me more than others, and even if I wasn't particularly fond of a certain story there was almost always something within the story that I did like. A few of my favorites included a couple slurping oysters down, and from there things naturally move into the bedroom, two best friends who need a little help and guidance when pleasing their partners and decide to practice on each other, among many more. It’s a great author sampler, and I’m definitely looking into the other anthologies Rachel Kramer Bussel has contributed towards.

Book Blurb for Going Down

When you look back on the best sex you ever had, oral sex will no doubt be a part of the picture. Rachel Kramer Bussel is back with more lip-smackingly superb oral sex erotica for everyone with Going Down. Taking in the essence, taste, smell, and sexy up-closeness of a lover is a powerful aphrodisiac that affects one physically, mentally, and emotionally. Once you have your lover in your mouth, the heat of desire, passion, and lust focus, tying your arousal directly to them. These fictive fellatio stories, sizzling 69ings, and talented tonguing give readers lots of new ideas to try at home. In Going Down, lovers give, receive, and explore the many ways oral sex can be an act of love, tenderness, devotion, or pure sexual joy. Just sit back and enjoy this sexy read of explicit stories to get you hot and bothered with more than a mouthful.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50