Blood Reign

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Blood Reign

Blood Royals, #2

Sadrina had to go back to the one place she feared. To help her son, she would go and humble herself before the demon who could own her. But Pahele didn't want a slave, he wanted his mate. Sadrina was born to be his queen. If he could stop the coming trials, he would. But Sadrina must prove herself worthy to those she would rule. The tasks were meant to test her even to the point of judging her own father's crimes.

This is the second in the Blood Royals series. Although it is connected to the first, it can be read on its own. I seldom read demon stories but the blurbs for this series really intrigued me. It is well crafted and the characters are interesting. I really enjoyed both the conflict and chemistry between Sadrina and Pahele. The author vividly describes this world and brings the demon culture to life through Sadrina's testing. There's an overall sensuality that pervades the story and draws the reader in. It's a short enough story to finish in one sitting and a very enjoyable way to spend a hot summer afternoon. I can recommend this book, and the others in this series, to any paranormal romance fan.

Book Blurb for Blood Reign

Sadrina would give anything to protect her son. She chooses to sacrifice her freedom and bargain her body to the lord of hell, returning to the arms of the one demon she’s always loved and the place she fears the most.

Pahele has no intention of sacrificing his lover. Instead of a slave, he expects her to become his queen. But to prove her right to rule at his side she must complete tests including passing judgment over the most notorious of her kind—her father, Sadaen.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00