Dark Persuasion

Dark Persuasion is riveting from the very beginning. It's clear where the story is headed, but that doesn't matter. The author completely captivates the reader…not with an outcome, but with a journey. We know where we're going; we're just not sure how we'll get there. Patrick, Rupert and Charlotte are all victims of a past they can't change and a future haunted by that past. The characterization is powerful, haunting, poignant and angst-filled. This is a fantastic read that will stay with you.

Charlotte was blinded in an accident when she was a child. She's just come home from a school for the blind when her neighbor sponsors a coming out ball for her. She is besieged by two brothers competing for her attention. Drawn to Rupert and confused by Patrick, Charlotte's world is changed. When her first choice proves to be a dishonorable rogue, she agrees to marry the other. Brooding and cold, Patrick has a dark secret. Passion and promise eventually fill their marriage, but secrets never stay hidden.

Book Blurb for Dark Persuasion

Charlotte Gray couldn’t believe that anyone in high society would care to introduce her to potential suitors. After all, a cruel accident left her blind at the age of eight. However, Lady and Lord Rochester, her aristocratic neighbors, have taken a peculiar interest in her welfare and offer to hold a debutante ball in her honor.

Inexperienced in the ways of men and vulnerable to a fault, Charlotte begins to traverse the unfamiliar world of courtship. To her surprise, two brothers become rivals for her affections. One she favors because of his gregarious and flattering ways. The other she spurns due to his unappealing demeanor and desperate attempt to win her heart.

Pressured by her family and brokenhearted over the risqué conduct of her first choice, Charlotte is persuaded to accept Patrick Rochester’s proposal of marriage instead. Her surrender introduces her into the world of passion at the artful hands of a mysterious man. When the dark and alluring husband finally conquers her heart, a shocking secret about his true identity unfolds. As a result, Charlotte learns that love can be blind for everyone—even her. (Plus Novel - 70,000 - 99,999)

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 5.00