Island Heat

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Island Heat

Diana Holcomb has had a major catastrophe strike her life. A successful realtor, she is very used to the wheeling and dealing involved in high end property sales. On a trip to search out a property for a wealthy businessman in Bermuda, there is a plane crash. When Diana awakens, she realizes quickly that she appears to be the only survivor on a deserted tropical island and quickly sets about gathering supplies. That comes to an abrupt end when a Tyrannosaurus Rex pushes his snout into her direct vicinity. After hiding in the wreckage of the plane for a day or so, almost out of supplies, rescue comes in the form of a gorgeous, irritating Spaniard by the same of Salvador. Being the only adult female on an island is bound to grab some attention from the inhabitants, including the dinosaurs and the cavemen, and Salvador, and definitely proves to make things very interesting. Before too long, it becomes evident that Diana was not the only survivor of the crash. Can Diana learn to trust her heart and accept her situation without mourning for what might have been versus what could be? Can she learn to be content in a dinosaur infested island stuck outside of time? Read on to find out.

This novel is totally and completely enchanting. Having read other novels by the same author, this novel ranks right up there alongside her other works. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and others will as well.

Book Blurb for Island Heat

A Sexy Time Travel Romance With a Twist

On a business trip to Bermuda, Diana Holcomb’s small plane goes down over the ocean, a victim of the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

Diana wakes up to find herself on a deserted island…that really isn’t all that deserted. First, a gigantic dinosaur tries to eat her. Then she’s captured by cavemen, and just when things are looking their worst, she’s rescued by none other than a gorgeous man with the body of an Adonis and the jungle skills of Tarzan.

Salvador’s been stranded on the island for a very, very long time without a woman. And now that he has Diana, he intends to claim her for his own...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00