Were Seduction

Book two in the Were Legends series.

Ambria Nogle feels it is her duty to the coven that has sheltered her to seduce and become the mistress of Count Kollens.  With his wealth, the coven will prosper and further their magic abilities.  Ambria has only been with one man and that was a century ago.  Her fear of intimacy melts away the moment she sets eyes on the Count. This man exudes sex and power which triggers something deep down in Ambria that she did not expect.

Were Seduction is the second book in the series and is by author Lia Slater.  Ms. Slater imbibes a touch of magic and a whole lot of heat to create a wonderful book about two sexual characters that burn brightly together.

Kaige and Ambria are two characters that are real and likeable.  Both have strengths and weakness that are true to life.  The sex is powerful and explicit, just the way I love it!

Were Seduction is an excellent stand alone book, but this reviewer will be reading the first book in the series, WereSlave. I have to see how it all started.

Conjure a copy of Were Seduction by Lia Slater at Ellora’s Caves today. This is a paranormal pleaser.

Book Blurb for Were Seduction

After living over a century without the touch of a man, Ambria Nogle is surprised that seducing Count Kollens isn’t all that difficult. Unfortunately, falling in love with the Were is just as easy. As an empath, she can see right through Kaige’s brooding façade and into his heart. Now if only she can convince him that her heart is just as genuine.
Kaige isn’t sure what to think of the wicked little witch who’s stolen his nights and captured his thoughts. Their sizzling chemistry dulls his usually sharp senses when they’re together, making him uncertain of her intentions. But soon he finds trusting Ambria isn’t the problem. Falling in love with her is.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.00