Falling for the Nanny

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Falling for the Nanny

Safe Harbor Medical #5, American #1358

Alec broke Patty's heart when he broke up with her in high school. He didn't regret his choice, as it landed him the career he'd always wanted and a four year old daughter he adored. But the desire he still feels for Patty is strong and Alec is not sure if he can resist the temptation again. Patty's come a long way from being the broken-hearted girl after the homecoming dance. She's toughened up by becoming a police officer, now turned private detective. When Alec's daughter is in danger, he turns to Patty for help. Who else would he trust with his daughter and his heart? But does Patty have the strength to love him again?

Patty and Alec must overcome the hurt of the past to find a future together and create a family. There is an underlying tension between them that is very realistic. I wish this was developed a bit more, but I liked the way that the main characters fell back into their easy friendship. Their conversations revealed the ways that they had grown from the past, while maintaining that feeling of familiarity between them. The dramatic side of the novel had me hooked! The climax was emotional and intense, fuelled by feelings of anxiety and love. The motives of the characters were real, and I liked that no one was truly "evil"; they were just flawed human beings. I am excited to read more from this mini-series!

Book Blurb for Falling for the Nanny

Protecting the citizens of Safe Harbor is what gets cop-turned-P.I. Patty Hartman up in the morning. So how can she say no to a four-year-old who needs her help? Even if domestic detail isn't Patty's strong suit. Even if the little girl's father happens to be Dr. Alec Denny, the man Patty's loved since she was seventeen.

Alec came home to California for his career, but safeguarding his daughter's future trumps everything else. Hiring his high school sweetheart as her bodyguard is risky, especially with all that unfinished business between them.

With her maternal instincts—and a few other hot emotions—kicking in, Patty's got some serious soul-searching to do. It's not a choice between love and duty. It's about not letting the guy who broke her heart become the one who got away…again!

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.25