Silken Shadows

Book 3 of the Killdaren Series: Gemini's Story

This is Book 3 of the Killdaren Series: Gemini's Story the series revolves around three sisters with extraordinary psychic abilities. This book focuses on the youngest sister Gemini Andrews who is a Victorian era Ghost Whisperer. She is able to see and interact with the souls of those who have died, and it has brought both comfort in some cases and extreme pain and torment in others to her young life. From the moment she set eyes on the Captain Deverell Jansen, she was never able to free herself from his spell of passion. Though Deverell insists at first that Gemini is too young they both have a hard time denying the sparks that have flown between them from the very beginning. Now over eighteen and no longer wishing to be thought of as a school girl miss Gemini is determined to make Captain Jansen see her for the true young woman she has become. But fate has dealt them all a horrible hand, an unspeakable evil has returned to haunt them all. And wants to see Gemini's entire family pay for what they did to him in the past. And now he is back for more than just revenge! I don't want to give to much away but think of an infamous killer whose crime still haunt England to this day and who was never caught. Could this book tell what really happened? And can Gemini and Deverell defeat the evil of a murder before he takes even more innocent lives or will his murderous rampage consume them both before they can ever realize the true nature of the love that burns between them?

I didn't know when I first picked this one up that it was a part of a series. I will say that things at the first of the book would have been a lot clearer I'm sure had I known that fact and read the two previous novels. (And after researching online about them I think I will have to hunt them down to read about the adventures of her sisters and their special talents as well, and the sexy men that they have to tame!) I found this book to be extremely entertaining and very sensual. Loved the ghost seeing part of it and thought it was very well done. And ladies the love scenes are to die for! ;) Mrs. Giles weilds a very deft pen and has crafted a story that had me laughing at times and then brought me to tears at others. You won't want to miss this one! I suggest starting with the beginning of this series and get ready for a wonderful paranormal romp!

Book Blurb for Silken Shadows

A ghost whisperer. A devilish captain. A killer thirsting to destroy their passion…

On the day of her sister’s wedding ship, Gemini Andrews’s spirit heard the siren call of the sea. Over the past year it has become a friend that whispers to her heart, promising a full, blessed future.

That future is threatened by a string of gruesome murders that are too similar to those of a killer who vowed to destroy her sisters to be coincidence. She knows her psychic gifts can stop this evil, but her sisters think her too delicate. The enigmatic Captain Deverell Jenson, who stole her heart with one Christmas kiss, thinks her too young—for anything.

Determined to prove them all wrong, Gemini steals aboard Deverell’s Northrope-bound Black Dragon. Never realizing she is about to sail into a storm of passion as deep as the ocean…and a battle that will threaten not only their lives, but their eternal souls.

Only Deverell, a man too haunted by his past to believe in a future, has any hope of discovering the truth before the evil destroys them both.

Warning: Contains a devilish captain, scorching nights, and an evil that will chill you to the bone.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.50