Sheila's Prenups

Short Story

This was an interesting short piece that was kind of like a slim slice of strawberry shortcake - piquant, sweet, and yet ever so tantalizing. I went away from this with the over-whelming urge for more. I felt that the concept of energy work was interesting, but Adrianna Kraft should have explored the idea more. As it was, I vaguely felt that it was only a plot device. This story would have benefited from more back-story and more exploration into the various relationships between the characters. The story was sizzling to be sure, but I really wanted more of what caused the sizzle.

Overall, Sheila's Prenups was a great little story!

Book Blurb for Sheila's Prenups

What could be better than a full body massage and energy alignment offered by your fiancé and two of his best friends? Sheila Crawford jumps at David Piper’s invitation to join Sunny and Marlin Mower for the experience. The surprise they’ve prepared for her pales next to the shocking announcement she makes when they return to ordinary reality after their journey to the other side!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.00