Cads and Cadavers

Velma is a brainy geek who aspires to be accepted into Harvard Medical School. She is a cute coed who is scrambling to complete her Science Fair Project. James, one of the best looking and most popular boys in class, is also her toughest competitor, her nemesis. Velma is becoming stressed and her problems are compounded when she digs up a cadaver that is far from dead. Dennis is the picture of manhood perfection to the besotted coed with his chivalrous manner and glimmering blond ponytail. Meanwhile, Velma’s good friend and roommate, Evelyn, is acting strangely secretive. For Velma, the problems become almost overwhelming as she is pulled in all directions at once. There are mysterious deaths on campus, she is woefully behind schedule on the Science Fair Project, and her Harvard entrance essay does not seem to be writing itself. However will she cope?

I selected Cads and Cadavers thinking it would be a light, humorous, Romantic Paranormal. However, as I read along, it did not take long to realize that this book is actually a satire of the paranormal romance genre that, most pointedly, aims its sarcastic wit at readers of the genre. Many will likely enjoy this fast read and find it an amusing frolic. The author has a breezy, fun style of writing and excellent command of grammar and vocabulary. I could not help but like most of the characters, Velma and Evelyn, especially. Both were narcissistic but always steadfast in their, often misplaced, desire to protect and defend each other. The title is outstanding; perfect for this book. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the satiric elements overpowered the storyline and I found myself becoming irritated at the parade of snarky quips guised as humor. For those who are tired of an over-saturated vampire romance market, however, this book is sure to plumb the depths of those jaded souls, offering respite from tortured, brooding heroes and lovely, naïve maidens.

Book Blurb for Cads and Cadavers

# of pages or word count: 180 pages
Genre: Contemporary paranormal romance

When Velma's dead boyfriend Leroy appears to her in the school biology lab one night, it's awkward because (a) she happens to be dissecting his body for a science fair project, and (b) she never figured out how to break up with him after her roommate informed her that leaving a Post-It note on his dorm room door suggesting they never see each other again was cold and heartless.

Leroy tells her a sob story about the vampire who drained his blood and annoyingly demands that Velma, despite the insane amount of math homework she has, avenge his murder.

But the only local vampire Velma knows is the chivalrous, dashing Dennis she ran into in the graveyard one night when she was digging up Leroy's body. His mere presence makes her hyperventilate and compulsively smooth down her hair, the signs of true amour. In one of their intimate graveyard chats, Dennis assures her that he sucks only the blood of rodents...

But is he just lying to win her heart?

Or does another vampire walk hidden among Velma's peers? 

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 2.75