A Tapestry of Dreams

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A Tapestry of Dreams

A Tapestry of Dreams is my introduction to the writing of Roberta Gellis (I had seen her books on different store shelves and book racks before, but have not taken the opportunity to read any of them to date) and I must say that it is a very good introduction indeed.

While the story is a romance, and I enjoyed reading the book for that aspect of it, it is the rest of the story that drew me as well. Ms. Gellis paints a wonderful picture of the time and place she is writing about - both the beauty and the brutality - as well as how different people react to different situations.

All of the characters (Audris, her Uncle Oliver and aunt Eadyth, Hugh, Walter, Thurstan, Ralph) are multi-dimensional and their interactions reflect their personalities and the times they live in.

Good book to put on a keeper shelf!

Book Blurb for A Tapestry of Dreams

In the name of peace, Lady Audris locked away her dreams of a passionate love, until Hugh Licorne, the only man in England strong enough to defend her from her enemies, claimed her as his own.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 5.00