Lessons in Loving A Laird

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Lessons in Loving A Laird

When Conall first met Shona, he thought she was bold and disrespectful. Still he took on Shona and her sister, Willow, as his apprentices. Shona was all but free, soon to be 21. When she became indebted to Conall, Willow and she no longer had that freedom for another 3 years. How could she free them? Shona discarded several ideas until she came upon the one she thought would work the best…get Conall to fall in love with her and marry her. As she begins her innocent seduction, there will be many obstacles for everyone to overcome.

At times you'll be disappointed as you root for the hero and heroine. As you follow the story, you'll fall in love with the great host of characters, as well become engrossed in their story. The detail will keep you riveted and the need to know will keep those pages turning. Lessons in Loving a Laird is no simple love story. Ms. Marcos will grab you and keep you from the beginning and you'll have a hard time putting the book down. Every time you think that love will prevail, oh no, something else will keep Conall and Shona apart. You just have to keep reading, hoping for that happily ever after. A MUST READ!

Book Blurb for Lessons in Loving A Laird

As rugged and bold as the Scottish hills, the Highland Knaves take no prisoners when it comes to love.

Thrust into indentured servitude as a child, Shona Slayter is counting the days until her twenty-first birthday, when she gains her precious freedom.ÿ Unfortunately, the new laird of the estate has other plans-and he's determined to keep her bound to him.ÿ The only way for Shona to be free of her bonds is to marry the man who holds the key.ÿ But seducing a handsome laird is not what she was trained for, and the more she tries to win his heart, the more she loses hers.ÿ

With a young son to raise and a crumbling Scottish estate to manage, Conall has enough to worry about without the brazen, beautiful Shona challenging him at every turn. But their heated spats are starting to turn into real sparks.and soon the Scottish hills are ablaze with their forbidden attraction. Yet no matter what Shona is willing to do to buy her freedom, Conall has no intention of letting her go.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.50